Pearl Abyss is excited to reveal that the latest class, “Hwaryeong,” has made its debut in Black Desert Mobile. Also, as previously announced at the 2023 Heidel Ball, adventurers can now dive into the Tax Wagon Pre-Season.

Hwaryeong, the wielder of the enlightened flames, embodies the awakening class of Maegu, utilizing Foxtail Fans as a conduit to harness the power of the Foxspirit’s flames. With the Foxtail Fan in hand, she elegantly maneuvers, allowing her to nimbly evade enemy attacks while seamlessly connecting her own strikes.

Armed with the Foxtail Fan, Hwaryeong employs graceful, dance-like movements in both melee and mid-range combat. Key skills at her disposal include:

  1. Twirling Rhapsody: Hwaryeong gracefully spins and charges forward to flank her adversaries.
  2. Emberclaw Slash: She employs this skill to forcefully thrust enemies using the might of the Foxfire.
  3. Foxflare Charge: Enveloped in the Foxfire of the Foxspirit, Hwaryeong charges into her foes, causing searing agony.
  4. Foxspirit Conduit (Passive): Hwaryeong harmonizes the Foxfire of the Foxspirit with her own power, achieving a seamless unity. The Accumulate effect enhances her abilities.

In addition to the new class, Black Desert Mobile introduces the Tax Wagon Pre-Season, a concept initially introduced during the 2023 Heidel Ball. Tax Wagon expands the Node/Siege War content, where the defending faction endeavors to halt the attacking faction before they reach their destination. Each channel has one Tax Wagon, and up to 100 participants can join as attackers, while up to 10 can participate as defenders.

Adventurers can engage in Tax Wagon content every Saturday from 7:00 PM to 7:20 PM (local time), starting on Saturday, October 28, and continuing until further notice. To take part in this content, adventurers’ guilds must control a specific Node or Valencia Castle. Participating adventurers can earn Silver as their primary reward.

Finally, to celebrate the introduction of the new class, a variety of events are prepared for adventurers. By logging in daily until November 20, adventurers can acquire valuable rewards, including Black Pearls, Restoration Scrolls, Chaos Crystals, and more. Visit Black Desert Mobile’s official website for more information.

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