Pearl Abyss announced that the “Land of the Morning Light” region has been released in Black Desert SEA. The Land of the Morning Light portrays a breathtaking landscape of the Joseon era, consisting of environments, vegetation, housing, and bosses that are inspired by its fables, myths, and folktales.

To embark on the journey, existing Adventurers can receive the quest “Emma’s Invitation” from the Black Spirit. From there, by following the main questline, Adventurers will eventually be led to travel to Nampo Harbor by entering the Magnus’ Abyssal Well located at Bartali Farm at Velia.

Even a fresh starter can easily enter the new region. New Adventurers can simply select Land of the Morning Light as a starting point upon character creation, which makes this the third starting point in Black Desert SEA alongside the Ancient Stone Chamber and the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

The main questline in the new region can be found in a “Collection of Tales,” which is composed of eight tales, each with its own unique story, including the vicious tiger lord Sangoon, the savage Golden Pig King, the vengeful ghost Songakshi, and more. Adventurers can choose which story they wish to complete first as the quests are designed to promote a non-linear progression.

  • After clearing each boss, Adventurers will be able to challenge themselves to defeat a stronger version of that boss through the Boss Blitz, “Black Shrine,” which has levels of difficulty divided into a total of 10 “Calamities.”
  • To defeat them, Adventurers will need to invest “Light Orbs” into one of three “Auras” that each boss is weak to as the bosses only receive, and deal damage based on a ratio of 90% aura attribute and 10% character’s stat.
  • The Light Orbs can be earned by completing the main questline.
  • Adventurers can loot a new top-tier gear piece, “Dahn’s Gloves,” from those bosses at a low rate or loot its prerequisite materials, based on their weekly rankings. The material required to craft the gloves includes the “Flame of Hongik.”

Watch the latest introductory trailer for the Land of the Morning Light and read the GM note to learn more about the region including new accessories, crystals, manors, carrack, and more.

An array of events is being held to celebrate Land of the Morning Light’s release. Just by simply logging in and opening a Challenge tab, Adventurers can receive Shimmering Blue Jades and exchange them for rewards such as a Rare Morning Light Box. Also, veteran Adventurers can take advantage of the Caphras Stone Extraction event which allows them to extract Caphras Stones at the cost of a single Silver.

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