Pearl Abyss announced today that the new event area “The Sea Palace” has been opened, inviting Adventurers to enjoy the summer with splashing events. Adventurers will become the protagonist of “Byuljubujeon,” the Korean folktale of “the Hare’s Liver,” and interact with NPC to accomplish quests and earn rewards.

The Sea Palace is an underwater event area located in the “Margoria Sea.” Adventurers can enter the area by diving into whirlpools found beneath the coastal cliff located west of Velia and the Ooldool Strait Cliff near Nampo’s Moodle Village in the Land of the Morning Light. Adventurers can easily find the exact locations by talking to the Black Spirit.

Adventurers can expect to interact with various NPCs around the event area and enjoy immersive stories that are strongly inspired by traditional Korean folklore and fables.

Sea Palace Reward Seal

By completing the main questlines, “Sea Palace Reward Seal” can be earned which will act as an essential item to enjoy more events and be exchanged for rewards. For example, 25 seals can be exchanged for Advice of Valks (+100), 20 seals for Margoria Furniture, and 15 for a Bubbly Diving Suit.

Stop the invasion of Baby Vell

An event boss, “Baby Vell,” will appear five times a day and attempt to invade the Sea Palace. Adventurers can receive a “Transformation Scroll” to transform into a “Frozen Palace Soldier” and defeat the boss by attacking with water balloons. Completion can earn Adventurers “Baby Vell’s Roaring Bundle” which contains great rewards including “Vell’s Concentrated Magic.”

Miss Myo vs Mister Turt

Once every hour, the stars of the fable, the tortoise Mister Turt and the hare Miss Myo, will compete in a race and Adventurers can place a bet on either side by exchanging a Seal for a support ticket through the NPC “Darong.” Based on the outcome, tickets will be exchangeable for rewards such as a “Shipwrecked Pirate Treasure Chest.” This chest contains lucrative items including Vell’s Heart, Garmoth’s Heart, Crystals, and more.

More details on the variety of events held in the Sea Palace can be found here.

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