PlayPark’s upcoming mobile action RPG title Black Moon has opened its pre-registration via their website. Players can sign up and contribute to the milestone rewards for more free Weapon Tickets and Dark Crystals credited to their accounts during the official launch.

Black Moon will be published in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The game will also cover four languages: Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese, and English. The game will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

A total of 15 Weapon Tickets and 700 Dark Crystals will be available to all players once a total of 500,000 pre-registrations are reached. Dark Crystals are in-game currency that everyone uses to be able to upgrade their characters and weapons. Weapon Tickets are essential to draw from Weapon Supply banners which will increase the hitting power of your characters.

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Since Black Moon’s combat mechanics for all game modes rely on a combination of weapons, skills, and companions, having access to more draws from the Weapon Supply banners is important to equip your characters with the best possible gear in order to go toe to toe with the most difficult challenges in the game.

More activities that reward these valuable items will be announced soon so be sure to stay on top of Black Moon news and announcements on the official Black Moon platforms.

Dive into the mystery surrounding the appearance of the Black Moon as you fight hordes of monsters to get your answers. Fans of classic side-scrolling action RPGs and hardcore sci-fi fantasy will definitely enjoy Black Moon’s gameplay and story. For more competitive gamers, the game also has player vs. player as well guild vs. guild modes which showcase the multi-hit, layered combo system that all happens in real time.

Another new trailer is now up on the PlayPark YouTube channel that shows a bit more interaction between the characters of the game.

Designed to throw you straight into the action, Black Moon’s dynamic graphics, engaging story, and multiple competitive game modes scratch that itch for a great beat ‘em up game for hardcore action RPG enthusiasts and casual players looking for a cool game to pass the time.

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