Today we are taking a look at the used PC components market place. This guide is for those who doesn’t have enough cash to build a brand spanking new gaming PC. We are short on budget at around 10000 Pesos or about sub $200. That said, it is important for us to select the best components for this build’s price range.

This guide will also tackle basic tips when buying used parts. Prices you’ll see here are based on facebook group sellers, as well as TipidPC. Pricing and parts warranty will vary among resellers.

⊗ Buying any used PC components is a risky business so thread carefully. We are in no way liable should any issue arise. Proceed at your own risk!

CPU: INTEL Core i5-2400 | Starts at 2000 Pesos

The Intel Core i5-2400 is a gamers favorite since its inception. It has 4 cores with a base clock of 3.10 GHz. It could easily go way up to 3.4 GHz even with a stock cooler and has a faster multi-threaded performance compared to a Pentium G4560.

Used Gaming PC 10K Q2 2017 2

This is one of the CPUs that stamped Intel’s 2nd generation Core i5 CPUs on the map. It’s no overclocking chip and that’s a good thing; since that indicates that they are not subjected to harsh usage. A stock Intel box cooler is good enough for this CPU. Buy a used one with a bundled cooler.

MOTHERBOARD:  Any Intel mATX H61 Chipset Boards | Starts at 1000 Pesos

Since P67 and Z68 chipset motherboards are scarce and are not really fit for our CPU – pricey too; we don’t have a choice but to go with the Intel H61 chipset. Dirt chip at 1000 Pesos, any mATX H61 motherboards will actually do.

Used Gaming PC 10K Q2 2017 5

Get an H61 motherboard from a reliable seller. Check out past transactions and ratings. Get all the information you can about the board and have the ports checked. Usually, old motherboards have bulging capacitors, busted USB ports or RAM slots. Again, check for the seller’s credibility.

RAM: Any 2x4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 | Starts at 500 Pesos

H61 motherboards supports 1333 MHz memory kits. 4 GB modules are stupidly cheap at 500 Pesos so get two for 1000 Pesos. Dual 4 GB modules are required since 8 GB is the standard for today’s systems. H61 boards also have dual slots so we need to get the most out of the restriction.

Used Gaming PC 10K Q2 2017 4

While we do not have any brand recommendations, have the seller test the RAM with memory stress tests. Preferably with the board you got to check for issues. It is best to get the same model of RAM by the way.

VGA: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB | Starts at 3000 Pesos

A lot of choices here really but we ended up with the GTX 750 Ti for obvious reasons. That’s price, performance and efficiency. While we could easily get a GTX 580 for around the same market price, the GTX 750 Ti is hard to miss. Some models on sale are still under warranty too which is a plus!

Used Gaming PC 10K Q2 2017 3

Again, check the seller’s credibility. Have the card tested and check the ICs for physical defects. That includes leaking electrolytes and bulging capacitors.

STORAGE: WD / Seagate 500 GB HDD | Starts at 1500 Pesos (NEW)

Storage drives are one of the fastest components to degrade especially mechanical drives so we advice getting a new one. Lucky for you there are sellers out there willing to get these heavy spinners sold at 1500 Pesos.

Used Gaming PC 10K Q2 2017 6

Models ranges from WD’s Blue series and Seagate’s Barracuda drives with varying speeds at 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM. Make sure that it’s a SATA interface drive.

PSU: CORSAIR VS450 | 1690 Pesos

Used Power Supply Units are generally ok (if with warranty + well-known model) but we decided to go with a brand new one. This is the heart of your system, pumping power to your components; so a new PSU is definitely a better choice.


The Corsair VS450 is a solid option here, offering 450W of total power with a 3 year warranty. Our system components are relatively efficient and will never require power past 300W.

CASE: Generic mATX Tower | Starts at 500 Pesos

Even the oldest components will look brand spanking new if it’s inside a new case. Get one that looks suitable but don’t go over board with the budget. A generic mid tower is a decent choice here. They usually have enough room for our mATX board and graphics card of choice. Cables are easy to route too for the chosen PSU.

Used Gaming PC 10K Q2 2017 1

Build Guide Summary

The total for this used build is exactly 10840 Pesos. Now your actual mileage will vary especially with different sellers. You also have to take in mind that you have to build the PC so have a knowledgeable friend assist you. This build guide does not account for the OS, the display and peripherals so that that as a note.

CPU  Intel Core i5-2400 ₱2000
MB  Intel H61 Chipset Motherboard ₱1000
RAM  2×4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ₱1000
VGA  Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2 GB ₱3000
STORAGE  WD / Seagate 500 GB HDD ₱1500
PSU  Corsair VS450 ₱1690
CASE  Generic mATX Tower ₱500
TOTAL  ₱10840

Tips and Resources

You could possibly haggle for a sweeter price or freebies. If you’re asking for such, be polite and do it when initially checking for the item’s condition and availability. Again, it is recommended to check the seller’s credibility. If possible ask for his / her full name and contacts. Deal on a safe well-known place and avoid shipping if the seller rating is so-so. This is for your own good.

Expected Performance and Closing Thoughts

A quick Youtube search with the keywords “i5 2400 + 750 Ti” provided us an excellent insight on how the 10000 Pesos gaming PC performs on recent games. Battlefield 1 for an instance is playable with a good frame rate to boot. I’m quite happy with the results I’ve seen so far for this budget PC.

That covers our 10K used gaming PC build guide for this quarter of 2017. Let me know if you have suggestions. Remember this is not a perfect guide. Caveat emptor.


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