The League of Legends has been one of the hottest online games. You can play it well on Android and laptops running on Windows OS. But, what about Mac? Is there anyone playing League of Legends on Mac?

Well, everyone knows Mac is good at office and professional works. It doesn’t stand well when it comes to gaming. So, you may want to know if you can play online games with Mac.

Can I Play League of Legends with my Mac?

It’s a good thing if you have a Mac and you’re in the United States. That is because Mac supports the game but only in the US portal. It is impossible to play League of Legends on Mac if it is not with the said portal.

Mac LOL Gaming GP 4

If you’re serious and want to have LOL on your computer, then you will need to download and install the Windows OS on it. In short, your Mac will run 2 different operating systems.

Between Windows and Mac, Windows seems to be the winner when it comes to games. So, in choosing a gaming laptop, many will often settle for a Windows-powered device. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy any game with your Mac because you can have LOL on it provided your device meets the criteria.

Requisites in Playing LOL on Mac

Aside from having your Mac in good condition and a stable and strong internet connection, this online game will require some other factors to ensure fast and lag-free operation. Poor internet connection will prevent you from enjoying the game.

Before installing and launching League of Legends on your Mac, make sure your device meets the following as pre-requisites:

  • 2GB RAM. If your device 4GB RAM, that would be better.
  • 3 GHz processor that powers SSE2 direction set or anything higher
  • 5GB free space on your hard disk
  • ATI Radeon HD 2600 or NVIDIA GeForce 8600M or anything higher
  • 1920×1200 pixels screen resolutions

If you’re struggling when downloading the entire client installation for League of Legends to different devices, you may try creating your cache server and feed the files of the game with your network.

Setting up Your Device to Play LOL

Some of the default settings in the MAC Operating System result in a weak performance in playing the League of Legends. The best thing to do is to toggle off those configurations as you run the game. This will help in preventing disruptions with LOL’s game client.

Use Your Mouse Pointer

This trick helps a lot whenever you like to locate the pointer as soon as possible. You just need to shake the mouse twice. While shaking it back and forth, the cursor will expand slowly and let you pin down where it is.

Mac LOL Gaming GP 2

This, together with the LOL game client, reduces the capabilities of the game client and may even suspend it in the meantime. To get started, you have to go to the Apple menu and see the top left side and click the System Preferences. Then, choose Accessibility àDisplay on the left. Once you get there, just remove the check on the option that says, “shake your mouse to locate the pointer”.

What is the “Hot Corners”?

It is a special feature in Mac. It allows you to hover the mouse cursor to the edge of your screen to show more features. It will let you do actions such as opening specific windows, turning your system to rest, or transferring to desktop. Some Mac users reported bugs and problems related to the LOL game client.

Mac LOL Gaming GP 5

You have to turn it off before getting into the game. Go to the Apple menu on the left and hit System Preferences. Then, click the Desktop and Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners. Adjust the preferences set for the said feature. You can edit them or made some adjustment keys.

Your Takeaway

After taking all those tricks and steps to play LOL on your Mac, do not forget to inspect your device for the resource-hogging applications by using a cleaner made for Mac.

Mac LOL Gaming GP 1

You can use this tool to delete redundant applications. This will free up memory and RAM that you will need to play LOL on Mac.


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