If you’re struggling to win on CSGo, PubG, and your K/D on Modern Warfare has been impacted lately and you’re not sure why, it might have something to do with your current ergonomic situation.

While it might not be the first concern of gamers to investigate why their comfort is not helping their performance – it’s often the case. Desks specific to gamers have some serious advantages that might help you tackle why you aren’t gaming like you used to.

Available Space

If you are working with a typical office or student desk, the functionality of these are limited to tasks associated with a student or office worker. If you’re gaming you may be requiring room for multiple monitors, you’ll need to “feel” like you have space.

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If you are attempting to play games while you’re feeling confined this is going to negatively impact performance. A gaming desk offers room for extra monitors, and it gives you space to play and gives you freedom of movement. Odds are you don’t want to be accidentally knocking your Monster can over your expensive mechanical keyboard.

Office Desks Are Meant For Offices

The comfort associated with an office desk isn’t oriented well to gaming. Generally office desks have a straight edged table, which doesn’t create an environment conducive to posture for gamers. Desks similar to the Arozzi Arena adjustable gaming desk have situated a curve that fits the gamer’s chair positioning. If you’re curious about desks that have an adjustable height, they review the desk here for informational purposes which allows you to make an informed decision before purchasing one. Altering the height of the desk is not something typical of most office desks, and a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t facilitate the needs of someone into gaming.

Office desks may not allow for monitors to be placed in a curved pattern, and if they do – it might feel unnaturally suited to your natural positioning. A curved gaming desk, with a curve for your seat, creates natural ease for visualization. You can easily look from one screen to the next as the monitors are placed in prime spots.

The Bells And Whistles

Desks similar to the aforementioned also contain some handy tools that promote smooth gameplay. For instance, they have a surface that is entirely a mouse pad, which isn’t just a gimmick for aesthetic purposes. Mouse Pads can shift during gameplay, even the best of them, and they might also be limited to space.

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The space required varies from game to game, and having the most optimal range possible increases your reflex capability. Pre-installed holes in the desk for wires are also common among office desks, however, good gaming desks will also have a net that prevents your wires from looking messy. You will feel like a pro gamer with this design.

The “Feel”

Sitting at a typical office or student desk might not make you feel like a serious gamer. This makes sense, these desks don’t suit your needs. Having a good gaming desk for gaming, is just like having a good office desk in an office. You feel more competent in your ability to perform tasks due to how the style makes you feel while completing them. The placebo “feel” of a gaming desk is very real, and if you are serious about your gaming career, it’s something you’ll want to invest in.

Why Do I Need One?

If you’re noticing a decline in your gaming performance, it can be due to a variety of issues. If you’ve recently changed desks or moved, the odds are that this is a huge factor in your play. Your reaction time is going to be reduced if you’re not positioned in the optimal range of your monitor, or you are constrained and your mouse reaction time suffers. Having a gaming desk creates a more open concept feel, and offers more comfort. Back pain distracting you from focusing can be improved by using a proper desk. Being able to raise or reduce the height helps tailor your gaming environment to your needs.

Gaming with a gaming desk is going to give you a lot more space to move around and feel like a gamer.  You need room and ease of access to more tools than the typical office or student employs, and it makes sense you need furniture that accommodates those needs. If you have a friend who has a gaming desk, check out their setup and try it out for yourself. The performance and ease that a gaming desk offers will seriously level up your proficiency.

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