The moment you have been waiting for all year is here. The sun is out and shining, it’s a nice warm summer day, and all of your friends and family have come over to your barbecue party. You go to turn on the grill and to your dismay, it won’t start. Now you are stuck having to troubleshoot why your grill isn’t working.

For that, here are some common gas grill repairs and how you can fix them.

Low Propane

This is the first and easiest problem to fix when troubleshooting. Oftentimes, when a barbecue is having problems starting, it is simply because there is not enough propane to start the burners and keep them burning. Turn off the gas, remove the tank and pick it up to determine how much is left in it. An empty tank will be extremely light, while a full one will weigh much more. If you have determined that the issue is a lack of propane, all you need to do is go and pick up a new tank. However, if you are hosting a party, it can be difficult to step away to go to the store. There are companies that you can call that will provide propane delivery and also install the tank for you. This ensures that you are able to focus on whatever task you have at hand while they do the rest of the work for you and make sure that your barbecue starts. Always check to see if you have enough propane when barbecuing.

Uneven Heating

Another problem people see with their barbecues is uneven heating on the grill. Certain areas of the grill will reach the proper heating levels, while other areas will be cool or not nearly as hot. This can be due to blockages and clogging within the burners.

Common Gas Grill Repairs GP 1

When cooking on a grill, grease and fat will drop from the food and through the grate, and can sometimes drop right on the burners that block the holes. When enough of these holes get blocked, the gas will be unable to escape from the burner in that area, resulting in a dead zone. Luckily, this is another simple problem to fix. Once again, turn off your gas and disconnect it, and then remove the grate off your grill. Using a wire brush, clean the burners and ensure that none of the gas holes are blocked. Most of the time you can leave the burners on the grill, however, if they are extremely clogged, you might need to remove them to allow a proper cleaning. Once this is done, install them back into the grill and fire it up. You should notice that all of your heating issues are a thing of the past.

The Grill Won’t Ignite

If you are having problems getting your grill to ignite and you have determined that you do have enough gas for it, you might have a problem with the igniter. Grills nowadays come with a push button igniter that will light the gas when a button is pressed. To determine if this is the problem, listen to your grill when you press the igniter button. You should be able to hear a clicking sound. If you are unable to hear this, you might have to change the battery on the igniter or take a look at the wiring. Open the grill and locate the igniter and once again press the button. If the igniter does not produce any sparks, then you can confidently say you have determined the problem. Examine the wiring and make sure that it is connected properly and that there are no frays along it. Look to change the wiring if this is the case or call an expert to help out. Once this has been fixed, your grill should go back to work just as it did before.

Grills don’t often run into problems, but when they do, they can be a headache to deal with. The last thing you want happening is your grill to break down on a day when you need it most. The same is true for best high-tech ovens and most reliable commercial smokers, which can be more than just a hassle if they are used professionally in a restaurant. This is why it is important to conduct daily maintenance on your grill to ensure that it is always clean and working properly. 99% of all grill related problems can be easily avoided by cleaning your grill after using it and ensuring that you use it properly. If something does come up, however, you will find yourself properly equipped to deal with it. Finally, never be afraid to call an expert, as dealing with certain areas of the barbecue can be difficult. Don’t let your summer be ruined by grill issues.

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