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GIGABYTE is very much present at COMPUTEX 2016, with a booth at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, and a suite at the 36th floor of the TAIPEI 101 – which we had the liberty to visit both in no time thanks to our friends and sponsors at Image Media.


GIGABYTE’s full consumer line-up is present at TAIPEI 101, while the TWTC Hall is all about the GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming line up. Back at the TAIPEI 101 suite, GIGABYTE’s AORUS gaming notebooks takes a whole room just for itself, allowing us to tour each and every product that the AORUS brand has to offer. That includes a yet to be released model with a 120 Hz panel, and full VR support with a GTX 980 model in MXM form factor. The AORUS Aero 14, which is basically an ultrabook on steroids is also showcased. Talk about gaming on the go.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (31)

At the next hall, GIGABYTE showcases their small form factor PCs – including the BRIX line-up together with some sassy prototypes that we love. One such prototype is the GP-T3GFX, a fully enclosed graphics tower for thunderbolt enabled notebooks. It is basically an external graphics card that supports daisy chaining.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (18)

Next up would be the GB-BNi7HG4-950, which is a 2.6 liter sized gaming PC with a GTX 950 inside. To make things better, it also supports dual M.2 slots for the SSDs, and dual 2.5″ storage bays.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (25)

GIGABYTE also showcased their GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming, featuring a 1860 MHz core clock – and we get to experience Two. The system runs DOOM 2016 at 4K like it’s nothing.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (23)

GIGABYTE is serious at taking the peripherals scene by storm, and they are getting ready to release a chassis, a cooler, and a slew of mouse plus mechanical keyboards. All of them supports RGB functionality, and we saw a demo of them all showing us a few tricks of what a full GIGABYTE branded gaming PC could do. That includes synced RGB display.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (30)


We also get to experience VR content from both venues, and to be honest, the one at TWTC with a force feedback chair is the best. I never experienced something like that and it really is a refreshing experience. Color me impressed.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (26)

It wouldn’t be a GIGABYTE tour without motherboards, and we can see tons of them within the premise. What got our eyes are the Designare models, with workstation geared features such as full PCI-E x16 bandwidth through the full sized PCI-E slots even when populated, plus dual GIGABIT LAN and extra DisplayPorts on-board for future upgrade plans. They all look nice too.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (21)

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (20)

GIGABYTE also showcased modded PCs, and they surely brighten up the day. I particularly like the LEGO one with a ghost buster theme, along with the lift.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (27)

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (19)

GIGABYTE Technologies has been around the ICT industry for 30 years, and boy they’ve grown up and shaped their portfolio really well with devices, gadgets, gears, and components catering almost everyone’s needs.

GIGABYTE Computex 2016 Taipei 101 (28)

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