CyberMedia formally announces the official competition kickoff

CyberMedia, together with TAITRA, is thrilled to share the official start of the countdown to COMPUTEX 2017 for the CyberMods 24hrs modding competition. During the event, the various sponsors as well as the organizing bodies of CyberMods 24hrs came together to share their excitement and support for the modding competition, an internatinoal modding spectacle never been seen in COMPUTEX. Invited on stage during the opening ceremony were the sponsors and contenders to jointly and formally kickoff the CyberMods 24hrs Event.

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Expressing his excitement and thrill about the competition, Walter Yeh, President & CEO of TAITRA, the organizer of COMPUTEX went on to say “It is such a wonderful experience to have collaborated with CyberMedia to bring together a great community that’s rapidly expanding such as modding. We would really like to see how this event will go and who ends up winning this competition! Please anticipate this international modding with us at COMPUTEX 2017!”

“It is CyberMedia’s pleasure to host this intense modding event that allow us to invite top tiers modders from all around the world, pushing the boundaries of Computer Moddfication to a whole new level and uniting the modders community through this amazing event!” said Fanny Chang, Managing Director at CyberMedia as she ushers in another thrilling event only seen at COMPUTEX.

Sponsors were also invited to share a few words to the attending audience and express their excitement towards the upcoming competition. Event sponsors ZADAK511, Thermaltake, AOC, Colorful and Sharkoon talked about how their brand and products are a great fit for this event and likewise how CyberMods 24hrs is the perfect avenue for them to highlight their products as well. Here are some of the statements from the sponsors in regards to their products:


Zachary, the Product Manager from ZADAK511 vocally showed his excitement by saying “What makes ZADAK511 so great? We look distinct! Originality is in charge. Success starts with attention to detail. We are always one step ahead. With infinite creativity and unlimited possibility, modding changes everything. Therefore we believe by joining CyberMods 24hrs, we can express our vision to the people in the modding community ”

Read More about ZADAK511:

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In contrast, Thermaltake President & CEO Kenny Lin had only this to say:“At Thermaltake, we have positioned ourselves as a key player in the Casemod community. We are glad to be part of CyberMods 24hrs event and will love to see how our Core P3 Case would be modified.” but we know deep inside he’s as thrilled as ever, being the active social media personality that he is, always keeping his companies followers updated with the latest and greatest from both his company and the modding and enthusiast community.

  • Core P3: 
  • Toughpower Grand RGB 850W: 
  • Liquid Cooling Solutions:

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“We want our displays to bring beginner and professional gamers alike closer to their winning aspirations, whether that’s simply climbing higher on ranked ladder or becoming a world champion. We know in confidence that the screen displayed on CyberMods 24hrs event will show the world the professionalism of our product” Says Senior Globe Product Manager, Jason Wu referring to the AGON lineup of enthusiast and professional gaming displays.

  • Read more about the AGON AG322FCX monitor:

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Oversea Marketing Manager, Allan Ni has stated that “We are proud to announce that we will be the event sponsor of CyberMods 24hrs, we are happy to present our amazing new launches and cannot wait to see how the modders are going to utilize our products!”

  • iGame Z270 Ymir X at:
  • iGame GTX1080 Vulcan X OC at

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Lastly Schneider Johannes, Managing Director for Sharkoon stated that “We are very delighted to be part of the CyberMods 24hrs COMPUTEX 2017 and to equip all participants with our Skiller Series Input Devices. For the first time, we will also present our new series of Gaming Chairs, giving attendants the chance to comfortably relax in between their modding sessions” noting their debuting new products at COMPUTEX 2017.

Read more:

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Event information

The CyberMod 24hrs modding competition will be held during COMPUTEX 2017 at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Light Gallery starting May 30th to June 3rd at 9am until 6pm.

  • Date: May 30th – June 3rd, 2017
  • Event: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Location: Light Gallery, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

Awarding Ceremony:

  • Date: Jun 2nd, 2017
  • Registration: 15:30 pm
  • Time: 16:00 pm – 17:00 pm

Workshop Launch

CyberMods 24hrs workshop had been successful launched and many have attend the workshop and expressed their clear satisfaction and gratitude at the experience towards it! CyberMedia is pleased to announce that many have sign up for the workshop and foreseen a further growth in the participants in the next few days. Shown below are the timetable of the workshops that sports a range of activities that allow the public to interact with experience modders learning the basic of PC modding.

Date 30-May 31-May 31-May 1-Jun 1-Jun 2-Jun 3-Jun 3-Jun
Time 3:00PM – 3:30PM 11:00AM – 11:30AM 3:00PM – 3:30PM 11:00AM – 11:30AM 3:00PM – 3:30PM 11:00AM – 11:30AM 11:00AM – 11:30AM 2:00PM – 2:30PM
Topic PC Modding 101. Introduction to PC Case Modding Intro to Acrylic Glass and Basic Tools Basic Acrylic Fabrication Cable Sleeving Guide Liquid Cooling 101 Introduction to watercooling Fitting Introduction Coolant Mix Introduction Watercooling 101 Tube Bending Workshop


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