DeepCool, a global brand in designing and manufacturing high-performance computer components for enthusiasts worldwide, announces its budget line of CPU coolers offering solid cooling performance and low operation noise levels while keeping the cost down.

Introducing the AG series air coolers and LE series liquid coolers, streamlined to deliver value and performance to PC builders. Both series gets it thermal and noise performance DNA from DeepCool’s premium AK series air coolers and LS series liquid coolers.

DeepCool LE Series Liquid coolers

Efficient and reliable cooling performance with bright 6 color LED lighting. Designed for 180-220W TDP with Anti-leak technology lets you cool with confidence by relieving pressure in radiator with its elastic pressure relief bag.

DeepCool LE AG Budget Cooler PR 3

Bundled fans tuned for high airflow (85.85CFM), high static pressure (3.27mmAq) and low noise (≤32.9 dBA). Increased compatibility for mITX system with its 52mm height CPU block. Variation and models:

  • LE500 (240mm 220W TDP)
  • LE300 (120mm 180W TDP)
  • LE500/LE300 MARRS Edition

DeepCool AG620 CPU Cooler

High performance 6 heat pipe dual tower CPU cooler with Bidirectional Heat Pipe Technology for efficient heat dissipation regardless if mounting the cooler vertically or horizontally. Keep things cool with its impressive 260W TDP and efficient fans. Simplified installation with its easy 5 step installation process.

DeepCool LE AG Budget Cooler PR 1

DeepCool AG400 LED CPU Cooler

A 4 heat pipe single tower CPU cooler with bidirectional heat pipe technology. Offers PC builders good value and cooling performance with its 220W TDP and high efficiency fans. AG400 LED comes with 6 color LED and elegant matrix fin array heat sink to elevate the aesthetics of your system.

Availability, Warranty and Pricing

The LE Series and AG Series CPU Coolers is available on the DeepCool worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. LE series liquid coolers is backed with 3-year warranty. AG series air coolers are back with 1-year warranty alongside the DeepCool worldwide customer service and technical support network.

  • LE500 (240mm), $59.99
  • LE500 MARRS (240mm), $59.99
  • LE300 (120mm), $49.999
  • LE300 MARRS (120mm), $49.99
  • AG620, $49.99
  • AG400 LED, $24.99

MSRP starts at $24.99 for Deepcool budget line CPU Coolers varies by region. For up-to-date retail prices, please refer to the DeepCool website or contact your local DeepCool sales representative.

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