According to Digitimes, a well known source and news provider behind the ICT Industry, ECS is quiting their own-brand DIY motherboard business, to further focus on their OEM/ODM production. ECS is fast to react, stating that the company has no plans on doing that so, and have addressed a clarification letter to the public pertaining to the said news.

ECS Digitimes DIY Market News

The competition is undoubtedly pushing other players in the DIY motherboard market really hard, but there’s no viable hint that ECS is going to quit the market, especially when they already displayed their upcoming Z170 based motherboards for the next generation of Intel CPUs at the recently held COMPUTEX 2015 together with their latest Mini PC products.

ECS Computex 2015 (5)

While local retailers are fearing for the worst due to this news circulating the industry – selling ECS motherboards with promos and such as of late, there’s no reason to fear this as a consumer. ECS, according to their president will stay and will continue to provide service to their customers. Many thanks to ECS for clarifying the issue at hand.

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