G.SKILL is excited to announce that 13 overclocking records from various benchmark categories were broken during Computex 2018, all using G.SKILL DDR4 memory kits built with high performance Samsung 8Gb components with the latest Intel® processors and performance motherboards.

“Computex has always been one of the most important annual events for performance PC hardware manufacturers and worldwide overclocking community. It’s an important occasion where we gather together and break the performance limits with the latest hardware,” says Tequila Huang, Corporate Vice President of G.SKILL International. “We are proud to be part of it and to provide our extreme DDR4 memory for the overclockers to demonstrate the extreme limits of the latest technology.”

Memory World Record Broken at DDR4-5543MHz

A new memory frequency world record was set this week at the G.SKILL Computex booth by Toppc, a renowned professional extreme overclocker, reaching DDR4-5543MHz using Trident Z RGB memory on a MSI Z370I GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard and an Intel® Core™ i7-8700K processor.

G.Skill 13 Overclocking Records Computex (2)

On the same day, another pro extreme overclocker named Kovan Yang overclocked the Trident Z RGB memory to a whopping DDR4-5541.4MHz, reaching the second spot on the fastest memory frequency rankings, with an MSI X299 GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard and an Intel® Core™ i7-7740X processor. This marks the first time that the top two memory frequency records are set on two different chipset platforms.

13 Overclocking Records Achieved

Throughout Computex week, 13 overclocking records have been achieved at the G.SKILL booth. Among them, the most notable are the memory frequency world record at DDR4-5543MHz and the CPU frequency record at 7409.03MHz. For a complete list of the overclocking records, please refer to the list below.

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