GIGABYTE, a world renowned motherboard manufacturer, just recently showcased their Z87 chipset based motherboards, for the upcoming Intel 4th generation Core processors.

GIGABYTE Z87 Chipset Motherboards (7)

The motherboards in picture are GIGABYTE’s  line-up for the next generation Intel processors, bearing the Z87 chipsets, and a new socket design. With that said, there’s no mistaking that we’ll see new motherboard designs, and GIGABYTE never failed to impress. Motherboard line-ups on the event includes the UD Series, OC, and the G1.Killer Gaming Series of motherboards.

While the motherboards showcased looks so good, GIGABYTE’s AMP-UP technology seems to be the center piece of the event. The said feature, together with the upcoming Z87 G1.Killer motherboards, will enable users to upgrade the OP-AMPs of their G1.Killer onboard audio solution. Providing a tad amount of flexibility, and catering the needs of audiophiles at the same time. GIGABYTE is clearly listening to their customer’s needs.

GIGABYTE Z87 Chipset Motherboards (6)

Apart from the upgrade-able OP-AMPs, GIGABYTE also employed a light emitting PCB grout; something that would totally make the motherboard stand out. They also improved the layout of PCI-E slots, and provided water-cooling support for the G1.Killer 5’s VRMs. The GA-Z87X-OC on the other-hand, looks cool in orange, with mutitudfes of overclocking features laid on its PCB real estate. We sure do hope to see the final iterations of GIGABYTE’s Z87 offerings by the time COMPUTEX 2013 starts.


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