Out of the three hidden-cable/cable-free concept deigns at COMPUTEX, the GIGABYTE’s Stealth 500 DIY Kit is probably the most flushed – or complete rather, regardless of my woes with such concepts.

This is no surprise though since GIGABYTE was the first to start the trend back at CES 2023. Showing off the Stealth to everyone invited into their suite, it started a movement among brands to follow suit.

The Stealth 500 DIY Kit we saw at COMPUTEX comes with a Z690 motherboard which is basically the Z690 Aorus Elite Stealth which is tailor made for the Aorus C500 Glass case.

gigabyte stealth 500 diy kit computex 4

Unlike the other concepts, it comes with an angled 24-pin power connector along with the SATA and USB headers. Makes sense since these are the bulkiest cables out of the bunch, allowing a more shallower clearance behind the motherboard tray.

gigabyte stealth 500 diy kit computex 2

Other headers and ports features the same rear-facing design similar to other concepts. That includes the GPU power which is still based on PCIe standards just facing the rear like the rest.

gigabyte stealth 500 diy kit computex 3

Speaking, the GPU used in this DIY concept is the GIGABYTE RTX 3070 Gaming OC 8G Stealth. It has three 0 dB capable Windforce fans and a GPU base clock of 1815 MHz. If I am being honest, the RTX 3070 Gaming OC 8G Stealth is quite possibly what interest me the most as I dive deeper into this trend. The card will actually fit some builds or cases out in the market right now.

GIGABYTE Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 10

Again, my only gripe with such concept are the cables behind the motherboard tray. Every brand has this problem with the said trend, you’d wonder why it is one in the first place. A solution would be a custom made PSU cable for each connectors but with that in mind, I think it would be better to use a custom cable with standard motherboards as it would look pretty and organized regardless if the cables are hidden or not.

GIGABYTE Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 11

Anyway, I think this would be my last musing about the whole cable-free trend at COMPUTEX. It is a novel idea but it is also a novelty design in the first place.

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