At the ASUS COMPUTEX booth, visitors were able to see the TUF Gaming B760M-BTF WiFi D4 motherboard – a part of the ASUS BTF concept designs.

With connectors cleverly concealed on the underside of the motherboard, the BTF design ensures clean cable management, making it perfect for PC DIY enthusiasts. It also simplifies cable routing for first-time builders, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic of the build by showcasing tidy internals.

ASUS BTF Concept COMPUTEX 2023 2

Additionally, the hidden connectors improve airflow, resulting in superior cooling performance and an appealing visual experience for users – according to ASUS. We have to note that this build requires a BTF compatible case as well.

ASUS BTF Concept COMPUTEX 2023 3

ASUS also have the RTX 4070 BTF for demo here featuring a PCB based power connector instead of the usual PCIe power found on your standard graphics card.

ASUS BTF Concept COMPUTEX 2023 1

Unlike the Project Stealth from GIGABYTE, ASUS is using a proprietary connector for their graphics card + motherboard power interface. This is one of the many things that the industry has to address somehow in the near future should each brand decide to release their own products with the same goal in mind.

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