There are situations where it becomes tough to find a file within a folder. It could have been created recently, but for some particular reason, it is just not accessible. It is quite natural for you to start worrying about this situation and whether you will be able to access it once again or not.Enter the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Getting proper solutions

You may use a data recovery software to solve your problems instantly. The Data Recovery Wizard from EaseUS is a good starting point, offering a wide range of tools for Mac and other platforms as well.

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It is considered as an amazing software with multiple testimonies. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac should allow you to easily and effortlessly recover erased, lost and the never-to-be-found files.

About the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Meant for Mac Free 11.8, this software does offer varieties of features exclusively for mac data recovery. It makes recovering files simple and easy with a bloat free user interface to boot.

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Once downloaded, you just need to setup the software by scanning the desired location. The software will immediately start searching for files with the click of a button. That includes files present in any format on the said location.

In which Mac OS, is it possible to run this software?

Although there are numerous tools available in the market, most of them are said to support MacOS builds. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is exactly meant for Mac 11.8 software and is quite compatible with the latest versions.

What type of files could be recovered?

It is possible to recover every type of file with this software from video captures to simple photos, sweet melodies, documents, and much more. You need to go through the ‘Others Category’ to know what else they are offering. You may even recover the files to the Cloud if you are connected to the internet.

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Known situations where this software proved to be of great help

This software, according to its creators, assures to solve each and every important case on your behalf with ease, providing you with immense relief. Some of the features that it offers are as follows:

  • Recovers all accidentally deleted files: All files that permanently deleted by pressing ‘Command + Del’ buttons are recoverable within a minute with this data recovery wizard.
  • Recover all RAW format or formatted storage: Memory cards, SD Cards, USB drives, or probably any portable storage compatible with the Mac are technically recoverable.
  • Data partition recovery: It is possible for EaseUS to recover data from inaccessible or deleted partitions on the Mac OS. Data lost due to power failures are also retrievable.

What is offered by the Free version?

This recovery wizard does offer its free users with 100% features with an understandable data limit. This basically means that all features promoted by EaseUS for data recovery could be used to recover a maximum of 2GB of data.

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