Hitachi-LG Data Storage, a global distributor and manufacturing partner for SK hynix SSDs, proudly showcased its Tube T31 stick-type SSD at Computex.

Tube T31

The Tube T31 was SK hynix’s pioneering stick-type SSD. It offered the convenience of direct USB-A port connectivity, eliminating the need for a USB cable.

hitachi lg unveils tube t31 gaming usb drive at

With transfer speeds up to 1,000 MB/s, it was perfect for recording 4K videos and storing game data. Available in 1 TB and 512 GB models, a 2 TB version was set to launch soon.

Haechi H02

Also revealed is the Haechi H02 heat sink was the advanced successor to the Haechi H01, specifically designed for the Platinum P41 SSD.

Initially compatible with PlayStation 5 models CFI-1000, CFI-1100, and CFI-1200, the Haechi H02 also supported the PlayStation 5 Slim. Its release date is slated for this month.

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