HyperX at ESGS 2017 is huge and full of gaming goodness from day 1. That includes product demos that you could actually try while gaming and mouth watering promotional sales.

As for the sales, everything at their booth is 20% off for 3 days. That doesn’t sound much but then again, we’re talking HyperX stuff here – the one actually used by pros and competitive gamers. Shame that I forgot to buy the Fury S mousepad to complete my personal HyperX setup though. ESGS 2017 is just too busy with so many things going on left to right.

HyperX Booth ESGS 2017 2

Of all the HyperX products I’ve seen at the event, the HyperX Alloy Elite is the only thing that I haven’t gotten my hands into. It’s basically HyperX’s answer to the Corsair K95 with similar design principles. They also got the HyperX PulseFire in the show. A good mouse that I praised on my recent review.

HyperX Booth ESGS 2017 3

HyperX’s best headsets are also at the event and free to be tried out. They’re missing the Cloud Alpha though which is kinda bummer since I want to try it out. The Alpha features HyperX’s Dual Chamber Driver design, eliminating distortions (based on HyperX’s claim). It also features a sleeker design without straying away from the classic Cloud look.

HyperX Booth ESGS 2017 1

On top of the promotional sales and gaming gears at the event, HyperX excelled at providing the gamers a true hands on experience for their products.

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