InWin had tons of excellent stuffs at their booth during their showcase at Computex 2017, but the ones responsible for taking my attention are their wood enhanced cases.

These are the In Win Gaming Cube A1 for the ITX systems, the In Win 806 and the 305. All modeled from existing In Win cases.

InWin Computex 2017 Coverage 3

These classy wooden panel cases are not only awesome to look at but is also refined to touch. I’m not sure what kind of wood they used here (could be peach) but I can assure you it’s an authentic one. The InWin 305 case also featured a wood panel lining which is a more subtle approach to wooden case designs.

InWin Computex 2017 Coverage 6

At the extreme end, InWin debuts the Winbot. A selfie capable, hydraulic enabled spherical chassis. It supports E-ATX motherboards and a custom LCS. InWin’s representatives said that the designer took inspiration from Oblivion – a film that starred Tom Cruise. I take it that they took inspiration from Tom’s spherical aircraft.

InWin Computex 2017 Coverage 1

Moving on, we’ve also got this huge tempered glass case. I never had the chance to get the name but one thing’s for sure though – In Win is not going to mass produce this case. It is only available for showcase purposes.

InWin Computex 2017 Coverage 2

In Win also got a versatile 120mm fan that can be mounted inside the case naturally, or have it stand on a desk. While inside the case, it can also cool off certain areas due to its nature. Pretty cool.

InWin Computex 2017 Coverage 5

InWin sure went out with style at Computex 2017 with wooden cases, extreme designs and smart ideas.

With all the RGB and tempered glass trends at the said event, In Win never forgot how to innovate. That said, we cannot wait to see cooler stuffs from the company.

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