insertedevil logoCapcom, the world renowned developer and publisher of games, such as the Resident Evil Series,  recently launched a new virus, err… website, called Inserted Evil. The website is dedicated to the fans of the said series, with one intention in mind: BRING DOWN UMBRELLA CORPORATION. In reality, spread the news about Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, like a virus.

Quoted from the site, itself:

Inserted Evil is just the start – we need a dedicated movement to fight Umbrella on all fronts. Get as many people involved as you can, and your reward will be that much greater.

Yeah. That’s how it works. You just have to recruit as much persons as you can, participate in the clue hunting game, and basically watch yourself wasting time, lol just kidding. No prizes has been announced yet, but I am guessing that one of the prizes is a copy of the game.


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