Does League of Titans Ring A Bell?

Overwatch’s release is nigh, and Blizzard got their hands full with a red carpet release and a new animated short for the much anticipated objective oriented shooter. At the east though, it seems like China is developing their very own version of Overwatch – dubbed as the League of Titans. And by their version, we mean a clone or should I say, a complete ripoff. This is bound to happen anyway with China’s lack of copyright enforcement.

Overwatch CLone League of Titans (4)

Details are scarce, but based on the images we’ve got from an IMGURian, it seems that the League of Titans will also feature the abilities of the heroes from Overwatch, including their physical characteristics to an extent. We can name a few based on the presentation, with a copy of Tracer, Roadhog, Reinhardt, and Soldier 76 to name a few.

Overwatch CLone League of Titans (2)

Bastion’s copy also inherits his sentry mode, which tells us that the ripoff will feature gameplay similar to Overwatch’s own. The map appears to be a copy of the Practice Range map, complete with a similar color palette design.

Overwatch CLone League of Titans (5)

UI elements are also similar, with the health bar at the lower left corner, a special ability cool down at the middle (Tracer’s clone is almost 1:1), and abilities plus ammo count at the lower right corner of the display. If you’re gonna copy the game, it’s better off to copy everything you can I suppose.

Overwatch CLone League of Titans (1)

The League of Titans is a mobile game, and I doubt a release outside China will be available. According to sources, the game is still under development and the devs are seeking financial backing at the moment. Overwatch is releasing globally, and China is one of the countries that will receive Overwatch this coming 24th of May. Will Blizzard sue the studio behind League of Titans? Maybe, but one thing’s for sure – Chinese ripoffs have the tendency to be as popular as the real deal especially when it comes to PC-to-mobile clones.

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