Lexar is thrilled to introduce the THOR OC DDR5 and DDR5 Desktop Memory. This latest offering showcases a comprehensive redesign, paying homage to Thor’s hammer, while also featuring a robust, solid aluminum heatsink that impeccably addresses the demands of overclocking through its heat-dissipation capabilities.

The Lexar THOR OC DDR5 Desktop Memory delivers speeds of up to 6000 MT/s with impressively low CL32 timings, delivering a truly next-generation computing experience. Its low-profile form factor is ideally suited for compact PC builds, and it extends support for Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO overclocking, ensuring compatibility with most DDR5 motherboards.

What sets the Lexar THOR OC DDR5 Desktop Memory apart is its on-die Error Correction Code (ECC) for heightened stability and reliability, along with on-board Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) that enhance power efficiency.

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For those seeking an alternative, the THOR OC DDR4 Desktop Memory presents itself as a formidable option, offering a high-performance configuration of 3200 MHz with CL16 timings, designed especially for PC enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. This variant boasts an aluminum heat spreader designed with wings for efficient heat dissipation and is compatible with INTEL XMP 2.0 and AMD Ryzen.

“Our THOR OC DDR5 Memory combines cutting-edge performance with superior heat dissipation to seamlessly accommodate overclocking while maintaining optimal temperature levels. Additionally, our customers can have complete confidence in our product, thanks to the lifetime limited warranty,” said Joey Lopez, Director of Marketing.

Lexar THOR DDR5 Desktop Memory:

  • Speeds of up to 6000 MT/s with CL32 timings
  • Robust solid aluminum heatsink for exceptional heat dissipation
  • Low-profile form factor, ideal for compact PC builds
  • On-die ECC and PMIC for enhanced stability, reliability, and efficiency
  • Supports Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO™ overclocking and is compatible with mainstream DDR5 motherboards
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Lexar THOR DDR4 Desktop Memory:

  • High-speed DDR4 memory for improved performance – 3200 MHz
  • Features an aluminum heat spreader for highly efficient heat dissipation
  • Enhances PC performance for multitasking

Price and Availability

The THOR OC DDR5 Memory is available in a 32 GB Kit (2 x 16 GB) at both 5600 MT/s for an MSRP of PHP 5,600 and 6000 MT/s for an MSRP of PHP 5,999. The THOR OC DDR4 Memory is also available in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB modules at 3200 MHz.

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