The data we transmit daily on the web is far more precious than you think. Meanwhile, the growing amount of apps, payment services, and social networks cause interconnectivity and poor data protection. By the way,  businesses obtain vast earnings by amassing the data online from across various channels. When you text your friends, shop online, watch movies and book tickets, browsers and websites, collect the digital footprints that help to understand who you are. Your desires, needs, and interests are legally user for target ads production and marketing campaigns. Even when you log in your online bank account via public or free wi-fi the leakage of assents and tracks is more than possible. Numerous cyber attacks, machine learning, and governmental surveillance lead to widespread encryption technology to become a base of modern messengers and apps.

Utopia is not just a private messenger but an encrypted environment and secure toolkit. You can exchange messages and files, send emails, transmit crypto coins, view local websites, and gain crypto for just staying online. Curious for more details – read this overview to the end!

Private messenger: 5 signs of privacy

The existing user base is expanding daily. Let’s dive into Utopia perks proving its functionality and one-of-a-kind protection:

  1. High-grade encryption. The encryption method this system applies is the most sophisticated and established that humans have tried. Swift Elliptic cryptography and 256-bit processor keep the input, money transfers, internal files is security. Even the team can’t view the user’s input.
  2. No central server. Utopia is running without a central data warehouse that is the first spot for sided intrusions. Decentralization ensures that information flow P2P or from one end to another directly. Only a receiver can decrypt messages and files.
  3. Anonymity. Utopia members don’t share personal data since Utopia provides identity protection and anonymity. No phones and email attachment, names, ID proving, and other identifying means are required. Users even don’t need to submit nicknames as they get a personal key upon registering.
  4. Multi-purpose. Utopia carries all means of web connections powered with crypto transactions. The functional tools are at your disposal in a convenient form – you operate them simultaneously on one dashboard. To fix this view option, activate the Hybrid mode. Thus your chats, wallet, letters appear in one window.
  5. Easy Money-making. You will obtain crypto in exchange for every minute you apply the ecosystem and stay online. Domestic coins arrive at your wallet effortlessly – just set aside the Mining bot on Utopia desktop application.

A review of Utopia embedded tools

uMessenger. The built-in chatroom is end-to-end encrypted so that you can connect people with texts, group messaging, and share files risk-free. A convenient image-viewer is built in the chat room. uMessenger suggests encrypted messaging with several users in group conversations. What is essential the multi-users chatting is encrypted no matter how many people take part. Make use of custom sticker packs and hilarious games along with secure messaging – secure and engaging!

uMail. The embed mailing instrument is helping encrypted data circulation via Utopia. You can email to the users registered in the system exclusively, no third-party services are allowed. This rule proves your data won’t leak. Also, users can generate Templates for usual letters and improve communication speed. This function is beneficial for business correspondence and for the working environment. You can securely discuss confidential info without any risks!

Idyll browser. The local browsing tool is generated for safe internal websites browsing and truly add-free experience. Idyll is encrypted, P2P, and doesn’t utilize tracking mechanisms. The browser doesn’t save the web search history and passcodes so that it provides exclusive and safe web viewing. You can only explore the domestic websites and contribute your page to the community. Website designing is clear and doesn’t require extra skills or payment. Enjoy genuine secure, and confidential web searching!

uWallet. The integrated financial instrument is perfect for crypto cards assignment and crypto distribution. uWallet suggests users exchange coins instantly and commit secure online payments. Transfers take place in several seconds. What is convenient is that this wallet allows users to set aside merchant profile to trade across Utopia. You can make additional coins when simply activating the Mining bot opt-in to the platform. Enjoy and capitalize with Utopia!

Eventually, Utopia is far more than a private messenger Internet users got used to. It is a multi-purpose ecosystem and a survival kit for those who aim to protect their identity and assets. Download Utopia, register, and make use of confidential communication and fast payments!