Since its establishment in 2014, Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) has become a globally renowned smart city tradeshow. This year, SCSE 2022 – the ninth iteration of the tradeshow – was held physically from March 22nd, Tuesday, to March 25th, Friday, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2.

Following the success of SCSE 2021 which saw over 1,000 booths, 250 exhibitors, 80,000 visits and 210,000 views on Smart City Online, SCSE 2022 featured 250 local and overseas exhibitors across more than 1,000 booths.

SCSE 2022 also showcased more than 60 Taiwanese smart education industry software and hardware manufacturers, including the METAEDU Smart Education Pavilion – an exhibition that, consistent to METAEDU’s brand spirit, represents a world in which the future of education will use an array of hybrid technologies and application services to integrate virtual and real world utilities.

Play to Learn, Learn to Earn

Commissioned by Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), the administrative agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the METAEDU Smart Education Pavilion took the theme of “Play to Learn, Learn to Earn” while connecting popular keywords such as Metaverse, Digital Transformation, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).

To exhibit the the software and hardware capabilities of Taiwan’s smart education industry, the pavilion was further divided into 4 segments:

  1. Designing of Courses with Live Shows (課程)
  2. Sparking Proactivity (自發)
  3. Enabling Interactivity and Communications (互動)
  4. Common Good (共好)

Attendees also enjoyed an array of activities organised based on Taiwan’s “108 curriculum” and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The exhibition area was even specially designed to include an exclusive and limited number of 250 NFT digital skill badges which were offered to visitors who completed a series of tasks put forth by METAEDU.

Holders of this badge obtained the right to join all METAEDU events in the future and will receive product offers or course discounts from time to time. This exciting giveaway truly embodied the “Play to Learn, Learn to Earn” experience for exhibition visitors.

Smart Education Pavilion Highlights

As mentioned, the METAEDU Smart Education Pavilion focused on contemporary topics such as Digital Transformation, Metaverse, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and ESG.

METAEDU SCSE 2022 Success PR 1

Through forums and panel discussions, insights of experts brought together the imagination of the smart education industry and the gradual formation of the outlines of the future of smart education.

Specifically, education’s relationships with the Metaverse, ESG, and Certification were discussed and dissected upon:

  • Metaverse X Education

As technology continues to allow learning to be presented in new ways, education will no longer be subject to any form, location, language or time. Since the infrastructure of the Metaverse has not yet been set, industry experts discussed how EdTech companies should cooperate with each other in the virtual-real hybrid learning platform to seize the opportunity in the early-stage development of the Metaverse era.

  • ESG X Education

The “108 curriculum” combines the United Nations SDGs with new thinking and actions to break the framework of education to ensure inclusive and equitable high-quality education. At the same time, it allows people from all walks of life to enjoy lifelong learning opportunities. Facing the environmental Issues of ESG sustainable development, industry experts touched upon the topic of how businesses should start to improve and make changes in order to coexist and mutually benefit from operating in today’s society.

  • Certification X Education

In this series of discussion, expert panelists explored how online learning platform operators can utilize blockchain to track users’ learning history to encrypt and prevent counterfeiting which leads to deepened connection and trust within the platform’s service ecosystem.

  • Multi-party Interactive Live Streaming

Another major highlight of the METAEDU Smart Education Pavilion took place on 23/3/2022 where a special multi-party interactive live streaming was held. Professor Weng yang, Sz-Chien from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology dived deep into sustainable issues and employed the services of Taiwan EdTech 50’s high-quality manufacturers like Reading & Rhythm Co., Ltd., MangaX Technology, and Codingbar to lead Kenyan teachers and students into learning computational thinking.

Through this multi-party cooperation and long-distance live interactive teacher training method, the innovation, power and spirit of Taiwan’s smart learning industry was brought straight into the classrooms of university teachers and students in Kenya.

Future of Taiwan’s Smart Education Industry

As we begin to close in on the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are starting to witness the ways in which the global pandemic has impacted multiple industries from all across the globe. While the pandemic has undeniably presented unprecedented obstacles, it has, at the same time, extended new opportunities for key players to take advantage of.

Taiwan’s smart education industry has undoubtedly taken full advantage of the opportunities put forth by the pandemic, creating an output value of 16.4 billion US dollars in 2021 – an overall annual growth rate of 220.9% as compared to 2020.

In the same year, Taiwan’s smart learning industry was recognized by HolonIQ, the world’s largest education research firm, as one of the top 150 countries in East Asia in 2021 as part of EdTech 150. This recognition was made possible by the joint collaboration between Taiwan and Indonesia with the goals of enhancing the quality of online education in Southeast Asia and expanding the online learning market in 10 ASEAN countries.

With these common goals in mind, the collaboration will essentially introduce Taiwan’s smart learning industry services, and widen the reach and depth of Taiwan’s products in local markets across Southeast Asia. In line with these trends, METAEDU, with new technological learning solutions and sustainable hybrid metaverse education models, continues to cement Taiwan’s key position in the education sector.

SCSE 2022: Going beyond the physical realm

Even though the physical event of the SCSE 2022 has ended, SCSE will continue to present Smart City Online in the virtual form as an online event throughout the year in order to expand the benefits of the exhibition.

METAEDU will also be part of the virtual event. You can track the exciting content and information of the METAEDU exhibition area here.

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