Microsoft just recently revealed their Surface Book, which is the company’s very first notebook and is their direct answer to Apple’s MacBook PRO. Crunching in an Intel 6th Generation Core i7 Mobile CPU, and an Nvidia GPU inside, Microsoft is confident that it is twice as fast as the current MacBook PRO.

Microsoft Surface Book (2)

Forget aluminum, as the Microsoft Surface Book is machined out of Magnesium Alloy – which is commonly found on weather sealed DSLRs. Not only that, the Surface Book also features a detachable display which enables it to go tablet mode.

Microsoft Surface Book (1)

In this mode, the Intel Graphics takes control of the graphics processing, as the Nvidia GeForce GPU is left at the base unit. If the extra firepower is still needed in tablet mode, the dynamic fulcrum hinge – as Microsoft calls it, will enable you to use tablet mode without leaving the base.

Microsoft Surface Book (4)

Dual cameras, a keyboard with back-lighting, 12 hours of maximum use, and many more features accompanied the Microsoft Surface Book and there are 5 models to choose from based on the pre-order details. The top end for example, features a 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, a Core i7 CPU, and an Nvidia Graphics all at 2, 699 USD. Price starts at 1, 499 though and Microsoft will start shipping the Surface Book by October 26th this year.

Microsoft Surface Book (5)

Microsoft Surface Book (3)

Source: TechInsider

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