MSI Gaming at ESGS 2017 is huge and full of gaming components from the get go. We’ve also got a chance to talk with our friends from MSI Taiwan, as well as meet old friends from the local PC community. For starters, MSI Gaming is an annualĀ  sponsor of ESGS 2017 and they have been a supportive bunch since 2014.

MSI Gaming had two sections at ESGS this year. Those are the components and the notebook sections. On the components side, we’ve got their latest graphics cards and motherboards. That includes their Intel Z370 boards and GTX 10 series graphics cards. While I missed their conference at SMX, they did announce a gaming monitor during that event. It’sĀ  27″ curved 1080P display. Not exactly my type for a curved panel but hey, it’s a 144Hz.

MSI Gaming ESGS 2017 2

There’s nothing new on the notebook section although they’ve got some nice promos and bidding wars going on. Gamers are free to try out their notebooks so everyone is invited to take a seat or even stand by to play.

MSI Gaming ESGS 2017 3

The MSI Rig Modding Reloaded 2017 is perhaps the most interesting part of MSI’s setup. Here, local modders both amateurs and intermediate are welcome to join. This year, I still get to judge the mods – and boy it is not as easy as it sounds. Lotsa good entries to be honest.

MSI Gaming ESGS 2017 4

Overall, MSI Gaming at ESGS 2017 has been a fun fair this year. I wish to see them around next year at the same event.

MSI Gaming ESGS 2017 5

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