MSI’s motherboards are a plenty at their COMPUTEX 2023 booth. It is no surprise since it is one of their bread and butter as far as components are concerned.

To make things easier, we’ve sectioned them based on their series, namely the MSI MEG, MPG and MAG series. All of them now comes with Max as a denominator, meaning it is a refresh of the same series and models but with upgraded connectivity options.

MEG Motherboards

The MEG motherboards are the top of the line offerings from MSI, designed with the best components and features in mind. Pictured here are the MEG Z790 Godlike and the Z790 Ace Max Рboth featuring monstrous power phases and cooling solutions. The MEG Z790 Godlike for example, not only comes with a beefy VRM Рit also comes with 10 GbE + 2.5 GbE LAN and WI-Fi 6E for connectivity. The motherboard also comes with tool-free M.2 slots for ease of installation, much like many other Intel 700 series motherboard refreshes at COMPUTEX.

MSI Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 3

Now the MAG Z790 Ace Max is a bit toned in features but I guess this is where most of us would be happy to settle. It has a 24 phase dual rail VRM and a combination of 5 GbE + 2.5 GbE LAN – along with Wi-Fi 7 for connectivity. It also comes with a tool-free M.2 slot. Again, like many refreshed motherboards during the show.

MPG Motherboards

The MPG comes next with the MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wi-Fi and the MPG Z790 Edge Max Wi-Fi spearheading the series.

MSI Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 4

Both models we’ve seen sports futuristic designs and the usual assortment of I/O ports for such platform. The Edge comes with a 2.5 GbE + Wi-Fi 7 combo, while the Carbon Max comes with 5 GbE + Wi-Fi 7.

MAG Motherboards

The MAG series is the budget oriented series out of the three but it matters not (or rather it does) for system builders looking for the most basic platforms to put their build into realization.

MSI Motherboards COMPUTEX 2023 5

We have the MAG Z790 Tomahawk Max Wi-Fi and the MAG Z790 Mortar Max here also featuring updated connectivity options. According to my memory, only the MAG Tomahawk Max Wi-Fi received the Wi-Fi 7 module.

These motherboards are slated to get launched soon. It is also worthy to note that most of them features a front USB header capable of 60 W PD charging.

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