Noctua has released the NH-D15 G2 CPU cooler along with the NF-A14x25r G2 140mm fans. These new products are improved versions of the iconic NH-D15 and NF-A15 fans, featuring Noctua’s latest technologies for better quiet cooling performance.

“Our G2 products have been years in the making,” says Roland Mossig, Noctua’s CEO. “We faced various challenges, but we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that the G2’s are worthy successors. You’ll feel the dedication and perseverance that went into these fans and coolers.”

NH-D15 G2

The NH-D15 G2 is an upgraded version of the original NH-D15, with advanced NF-A14x25r G2 PWM fans, eight heat-pipes, and asymmetrical fin-stacks. It offers superior quiet cooling performance, rivaling many all-in-one (AIO) water cooling solutions. The G2 version also features enhanced compatibility with an offset design that clears the top PCIe x16 slot on most motherboards and an upgraded SecuFirm2+™ mounting system with a Torx-based design and NM-SD1 screwdriver. It also comes with Noctua’s NT-H2 thermal compound and a 6-year warranty.

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The NH-D15 G2 is available in three versions: the regular version for AM5 and LGA1700 CPUs, the HBC variant optimized for LGA1700 processors with high ILM pressure, and the LBC variant for relatively flat CPUs like AMD AM5, AM4, LGA 2066, LGA 2011, and custom flat heat spreaders.

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NF-A14x25r G2

Customers can also upgrade their existing coolers, such as the first-generation NH-D15, NH-D15S, or NH-U14S series, with the new NF-A14x25r G2 fans. These fans are available separately in single and dual fan packages for push-pull configurations. The square frame version of the NF-A14x25 G2 fan on the other hand will be available in September.

Suggested retail prices

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are as follows:

  • NH-D15 G2: €149.90 / $149.90
  • NH-D15 G2 LBC: €149.90 / $149.90
  • NH-D15 G2 HBC: €149.90 / $149.90
  • NF-A14x25r G2 PWM: €39.90 / $39.90
  • NF-A14x25r G2 PWM Sx2-PP: €79.80 / $79.80

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