Prepare to elevate your PC aesthetics while maintaining top-notch performance with the latest addition to Noctua’s lineup: the NH-D12L CPU cooler. In a nod to the sleek and stylish, Noctua has reimagined its acclaimed low-height 120mm cooler, enhancing it with an all-black makeover that seamlessly merges into any all-black system.

Roland Mossig, CEO of Noctua, remarks, “The NH-D12L has already carved its niche as the go-to choice for compact yet powerful builds. Now, with the variant, users can experience the same impeccable cooling prowess in a package that complements the stealthy allure of their rigs.”

The NH-D12L retains all the performance features of its predecessor, boasting a black-coated heatsink, a silent black fan with anti-vibration pads, and matching black mounting components. This meticulous attention to detail ensures not only a striking visual appeal but also maintains the whisper-quiet operation that Noctua is renowned for.

noctua unveils nh d12l chromax black cpu cooler 1

Standing at a mere 145mm in height, the NH-D12L effortlessly slots into 4U enclosures and narrow tower cases, previously limited to smaller fan solutions. Despite its diminutive size, its dual-tower design and cutting-edge NF-A12x25r 120mm fan deliver cooling efficiency that rivals many larger counterparts. Moreover, its single-fan setup and innovative fin stack configuration guarantee 100% RAM compatibility on both AMD AM5/AM4 and Intel LGA1851/1700/1200 platforms.

Backed by Noctua’s trusted SecuFirm2™ mounting system, premium NT-H1 thermal compound, and an extensive 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, the NH-D12L stands as the pinnacle choice for users demanding top-tier cooling without sacrificing space or style.

Availability & Pricing

The NH-D12L is now available for purchase through Noctua’s official Amazon stores, priced at EUR 109.90 / USD 99.90. Elevate your PC experience today with the ultimate blend of performance and aesthetics.

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