Video game consoles are something that many of us (except Generation Z) children grew up using and were found in almost every home. They are fun to play with, and even though technology has evolved, your inner child wouldn’t mind using one.

Many people don’t realize that video game consoles are older than you would think, and if you tried naming the oldest gaming console, you’d probably guess wrong. A few decades ago, many weren’t as popular as they are today since they were costly. In this article, we look at some of the oldest video gaming consoles that you should try.

NES Classic Edition

Modern video games are made with enhanced technology and have better features in comparison to their older counterparts. With features like robust multi-playing, lifelike graphics, and an extensive artificial intelligence feature, they provide the best gaming experience. When we’re talking about the most classic super nintendo games consoles, the NES Classic Edition stands out from the crowd. There were other gaming consoles before the NES Classic, but this was the first console to come directly from Nintendo as a company. Equipped with an HDMI output, 720 emulations, and an excellent emulation, this is one of the consoles you should try today.

Try the Xbox 360

Everyone has played on an Xbox 360, or who hasn’t? The Xbox 360 was a revolutionary video game console that took the world by storm. The best thing about the Xbox 360 was that the games played on their platform were much more intense and detailed than the ones played on other consoles. The graphics were also much better in comparison to other video game consoles. Xbox 360 still holds the title of the sixth highest selling video game console in history. You can try the Xbox video console if you want to relive your childhood memories.


This was the last console to be released by Sega. The company was in the industry for 18 years, and many of their consoles sold reasonably well. They were mainly known for their Sonic games, and many of their games are still created today for other companies. Sega stopped its operations in 2001 after they suffered significant financial losses from spending too much on advertising and marketing. Critics argue that the console was ahead of its time, which is why you should try it. This was also the first console that could support the internet, allowing players to engage with other online players.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning PlayStation. PlayStation has led many of its successors for more than 20 years since it was the first video game console with a price hike. Competing in a market with relatively cheap brands proved no hassle for the PlayStation console as it has sold more than 100 million units. In a market that was ruled by Nintendo, the PlayStation Console was a significant game-changer. It remains one of the best-selling video game consoles we’ve had in history.

These are some of the oldest all-time classic consoles where you can still play a few modern games, although with a bit of lag. Many old school gaming consoles are hard to find nowadays, especially if you’re looking for a new one. With time, manufacturers will have to think about resolving issues with some of the old consoles.

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