Palit invited us to their HQ during our stay at Taipei, Taiwan – introducing us their latest graphics card under Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and 1080 banner. Game Rock, Palit’s latest graphics family has been the highlight of our stay – even receiving its own wall art of some sort at the office.

The Game Rock will feature 2 main Nvidia GPUs, namely the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. There are no final specifications yet, and it appears that the card will feature an RGB enabled side plate along with a light color scheme for the shroud. Power configuration is 8+6 pin, and Palit actually told us that this family of graphic cards is going to be the fastest out of all the Palit models.

Palit HQ COMPUTEX 2016 (1)

Palit’s venerable JetStream series is here to stay, and the company pushes their design department one step further with an elegant shroud aesthetics, together with LED lighting. Again, no info about the specifications but let us remember that the Game Rock card is going to be a faster family of graphics card.

Palit HQ COMPUTEX 2016 (2)

The back plate on the Palit GTX 1080 JetStream is simpler than the Game Rock’s design, but both shares the same voltage read-out pin inserts. They basically shares the same PCB.

Palit HQ COMPUTEX 2016 (4)

Palit is also proud to announce a graphics card accessory for the gamers, dubbed as the G-Panel. It features graphic card information, together with a digital clock. Best part is the addition of a USB  Type C connector, together with a standard USB 3.0 one. Power and connectivity is provided by a normal USB cable. It can be mounted on a case as well.

Palit HQ COMPUTEX 2016 (5)

Gainward’s GTX 1080 Phoenix is also at Palit’s Office. Not much of an info has been said about this card but we are expecting Gainward to penetrate the European market at the same time with Palit’s own for the Asian market.

Palit HQ COMPUTEX 2016 (6)

Palit has their own factory, and R&D team – which is suffice to say that they already know the work around of the graphics adapter business for years. With the Philippines and other SEA countries pushing Palit’s sales better than ever, they are expected to see greater growth this year.

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