Plantronics just announced the pricing and availability of their RIG 500 Series Gaming Headsets, shortly after a successful product launch at Pasay City, Philippines. That includes the RIG 500, RIG 500HD, and the eSports oriented RIG 500E – catering the budget, and mid-range gaming headset markets.

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The RIG 500 Series features a modular-like design, enabling the users to easily configure their own RIG via a set of available accessories from Plantronics. All the RIG 500 Headsets features a removable headband, cups that could be open-back or closed-back in design, plus a removable mic. Price varies around 2, 795 PHP to 6, 995 PHP. For more information, check out the PR below.

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RIG 500 Series; endorsed by ESL

Manila, Philippines. – June 23, 2016 – Plantronics (NYSE: PLT), a pioneer in audio and wearable technology, and the creators of leading tournament headsets GameCom Commander and professionalclass Supreme Commander, today introduced the RIG 500 Series – PC gaming headsets engineered specifically for the intensity of e-sports. Uniquely constructed with interchangeable components, the RIG 500 series can be configured for precise fit, extraordinary comfort, peerless game audio in any environment, and personalized style. Endorsed by ESL, the world’s largest e-sports company, the RIG 500 Series provides competitive gamers and aspiring professionals a flexible audio solution that adapts to their needs. The RIG 500 Series system includes components such as ventedair and sound-isolating ear cups, several colors of headbands, mobile stereo cables, a digital USB adapter with Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound, and 24-bit audio support. RIG 500 Series headsets will be available worldwide beginning in August 2015.

Beginning with an ultra-light, super-flexible and incredibly durable frame, Plantronics designers created a headset that fits the broadest range of gamers possible without unnecessary complexity or weight. With small, medium and large attach points for ear cups and a self-adjusting headband, RIG 500 Series headsets provide exceptional comfort and fit. Two different sets of available ear cups round out the customization: Vented for maximum breathability and heat dissipation, reducing listening fatigue and pressure, and Isolating for complete immersion, reducing background noise and enabling players to focus.

ESL relies on the quality and performance consistently delivered by Plantronics gaming headsets to bring an unforgettable e-sports experience to players and millions of fans worldwide. The premium RIG 500E is a complete e-sports audio solution, and prominently features the ESL logo as the company’s visible endorsement of the headset. Additionally, materials included in the box give aspiring e-sports competitors everything they need to know to get started on their path to pro gaming glory.

Availability and Pricing

  • RIG 500 – Stereo gaming headset with flip-to-mute mic boom – PHP 2,795.00 (SRP)
  • RIG 500HD – Surround sound USB gaming headset – PHP 3,695.00 (SRP)
  • RIG 500E – E-sports edition surround sound gaming headset with two sets of ear cups (vented and isolating), detachable boom mic, USB adapter and analog stereo cables – PHP 6,995.00 (SRP)

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