PLDT Enterprise recently expanded its longstanding partnership with TELESCOOP, the PLDT Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative, providing new services that will enhance its operations and strengthen its business continuity to better serve their members. The deployment of DRAAS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and SSL VPN solutions in their systems will improve TELESCOOP’s IT network making it more reliable and secure.

In their initial partnership, TELESCOOP signed up for PLDT Enterprise’s Microsoft Office 365 licenses and Smart Messaging Suite years back. The successful network-wide implementation of these applications, coupled with continuous scoping and relationship-building between PLDT Enterprise and TELESCOOP, enabled the creation of a digital roadmap for TELESCOOP.  

DRAAS will be installed as a back-up for TELESCOOP’s Data and Business Continuity. With ePLDT’s Data Protection Suite offering end-to-end business continuity solutions through powerful cloud technology, TELESCOOP’s data will be resiliently protected, secured and monitored. SSL VPN, on the other hand, will be used for TELESCOOP’s current work-from-home setup, so that employees may easily and securely access their system while working remotely. This SSL VPN setup may also be replicated by other PLDT customers with WFH setups. And with the full security of SMS Messaging Suite, SMS Blasts of TELESCOOP’s announcements and ongoing promos will be even more on-target.

Marcos R. De Leon, TELESCOOP Board of Directors Chair, is pleased with this development, saying that “we who work in PLDT know the paramount importance of Communications, Information and Data Security. This is why the latest business operations solutions that PLDT Enterprise has provided us will be of utmost benefit, particularly in the area of business continuity. These solutions will help us greatly as we endeavor to look after the welfare of our co-workers in PLDT, our employees, and cooperative members.”

PLDT Employee Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TELESCOOP) is a PLDT cooperative that offers financial empowerment to members who are stakeholders of the company and its subsidiaries. It aims to provide prompt, efficient, quality and innovative service that complies with the principles of “cooperativism”. Its services include financial loans, non-financial or direct selling loans, business loans and loans for personal purchases such as gadgets, among others.

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