NVIDIA has debuted Portal: Prelude RTX, available today at 12 PM PT as a free download on Steam and playable for anyone who owns the original version of Portal.

In Portal: Prelude RTX, performance is accelerated with NVIDIA DLSS 3, system latency is minimised using NVIDIA Reflex, and texture load time is faster with NVIDIA RTX IO.

To deliver the best gaming experience possible, NVIDIA also released a new GeForce Game Ready Driver for Portal: Prelude RTX.

Modders Remaster a Beloved Portal Mod

Portal: Prelude is an unofficial Portal prequel first released in 2008, and is set before the time of GLaDOS. Portal: Prelude features an extremely challenging 8-10 hour campaign composed of 19 new test chambers, new advanced gameplay mechanics, a fully voiced story with NPCs, and more. Portal: Prelude is the highest-rated Portal mod, the 2008 Portal ModDB winner, and #3 overall Player’s Choice mod of 2008.

Portal: Prelude RTX is a community remaster of this classic Portal mod, created with NVIDIA RTX Remix and featuring full ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS 3, NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA RTX IO to deliver the ultimate Portal Prelude experience for GeForce RTX gamers. It is the first remaster created entirely by modders with the RTX Remix creator toolkit.

To bring Portal: Prelude RTX to life, NVIDIA collaborated with Nicolas “NykO18” Grevet, the original creator of Portal Prelude, and famous modder David “Kralich” Driver-Gomm to modernise Portal: Prelude’s assets and relight the game with stunning full ray tracing, also known as path tracing.

NVIDIA RTX Remix Modding Platform

Portal: Prelude RTX is the latest showcase title for NVIDIA RTX Remix, a free, upcoming modding platform built on NVIDIA Omniverse, which enables modders to quickly create and share RTX mods for classic games, with enhanced materials, full ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS 3, and NVIDIA Reflex.

portal prelude remastered nvidia rtx remix pr 2

Portal: Prelude RTX is loaded with cutting-edge graphics technologies. Within a short eight months, the mod team of five upgraded every frame with stunning full ray tracing, new, hand-crafted hi-res physically-based textures, and new, enhanced high-poly models evocative of the originals.

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