Most of you would have used printers in your life. Some of you might even have printer at home. Even if you don’t owe it, you should have surely used it somewhere else. It is not possible to assume the existence of a computer PC without a printer. Whenever we need something in written, we have to take its printout. Even if we have complete text on computer, it is not possible to spend hours on computer screen reading it.

That would strain our eyes to extreme! Therefore, we prefer a printout and for that we need a printer. In this article, we are going to show you some useful information and interesting data about printers of different kinds. Simply read this article and get yourself accustomed with some interesting information regarding princess.

History of printers

The history of electronic printers is not that old. Earlier, they used to be typewriters but they took lot of time to type. As printers came into picture, they made printing fast and editing super easy. The output speed increased dramatically and editing of the text becomes quite easy. One can now sit and write as much as you want on the computer screen without working about printing mistakes and therefore the use of printers increased and their popularity is increased as well. Earlier there were ribbon printers that were replaced by Dot Matrix printer; after that came ink jet and bubble jet printers. Nowadays use laser printers that are fast in processing and are capable of easily printing hundreds of pages in a minute. The latest 3D printers have revolutionized the way things are printed and even physical things like machines can get assembled in them!

Taking care of your printer

Just like any other machine, printer to needs to be handled carefully. The Simple rules applies – if you take care of your printer, it will serve you long and its performance will be optimum when it is handled carefully. Mostly printers do not require lot of maintenance. You simply need to keep them clean and dust free. It would be good if you can use vacuum cleaner occasionally on them; maybe twice a month or once a month at least. That will remove the internal dust from it. Apart from it you can simply dust them every time you use it.

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As such, printers do not require any particular maintenance. If you handle it properly, they will serve you without any problem for years. If you like to refill printer yourself, then you can do it by using a refill cartridge. Ink jet printers have cartridges and laser printers use toner power. If you would like to do it by yourself you can simply watch YouTube video tutorials and get started with it. But, you should do it carefully. We will let you know how to refill a laser printer in detail.

How to Refill a Laser Printer?

Laser printer is a unique kind of printer available in the market. Unlike other printers, laser printer uses toner to replicate the objects and then transfer it to paper. Laser printer is widely used in the business sector. It produces a fine quality print and is used for making company labels, brochures and company fliers. With passing time and regular use the toner starts giving washed out and faded prints. It is a sign that the cartridge of the printer is running out of the toner and needs to be exchanged. New laser printer cartridges are quite expensive therefore refilling a cartridge would be a more economic option. The refilling procedure does involve some technicality, but with the right kind of equipment it would just be extremely simple.

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Since the cartridge ink is in powder form and is also flammable find a place with no breeze or open flame to perform the task. Before starting the refilling procedure spread a newspaper sheet or paper towel so that no spilled powder is left anywhere around the room.

Open the front cover of the printer and pull out the cartridge from it. This step needs no tools involved as it would come out easily. The laser printers which come with a refill cap need to be opened and filled with replacement ink (powder). This will make it as good as new and ready to be used. The laser printers with no inbuilt refill cap need some technique.  The refilling kits provide a small soldering iron with an attachment at the end to create the hole on the toner cartridge. Power on the tool and let it heat up, and then gently push the attachment into the flat side of the toner chamber of the cartridge. This will create a hole in the cartridge.

Take the toner bottle and gently tap it with your hands. This will loosen up the toner powder. Gently open the toner bottle and attach the funnel cap to its mouth. Insert the funnel into the fill hole made and pour the toner powder into the toner chamber of the cartridge. The quantity in the packet would be enough for one cartridge. Seal the fill hole again. If the cartridge has an inbuilt fill hole, just reinsert the plastic cap you removed earlier to refill the cartridge. If you manually made the filling hole, then tape it with aluminum or electrical tape provided in the kit.

Now gently shake the cartridge 3-4 times so that the toner gets evenly distributed within it. Install the cartridge back in the printer and dispose the empty toner bottle and any spilled powder. Run a test page on the printer to check that the printer is working fine and the printed paper displays the even distribution of the ink.

To sum up

Just like you would Google online casino guide for finding more about casinos, similarly, if you would like to more details and technicalities about printers and refilling, you can search for Google with appropriate keywords. A better way would be to browse YouTube video tutorials. There is lots of interesting content regarding printer on web, so simply spend some time on internet and you should be able to find all kind of information that you are looking for.