The Spring Championship is the anticipated comeback of defending Philippine champions, Renovatio. They were still called Bibingka (BBK) when they were foiled by Singapore’s Relics in winning the 2015 Southeast Asia Qualifiers. What better way to make a strong statement this 2016 than to sweep the Philippine Qualifiers and National Finals without losing to any team.

In the Spring Championship SEA Finals, out of the eight champions from the region only one could remain on top and lead the region to the Globals where a prize pool of US$ 500,000.00 awaits in Seoul, South Korea. That one happens to be the Philippines’ own Renovatio.

RENOVATIO HOTS Playpark Blizzard-PR (1)

Renovatio stormed the SEA Finals Group Stage by claiming the top seed in their bracket. They beat out the reformed Relics team 2-0. The matches were tough but Renovatio pulled through the competition undefeated. That is until the Final stage. The team was up against Singapore’s Pro League champion, Resurgence.

Though Renovatio had the twice to beat advantage, they could not rest easy. Resurgence got more fired up and definitely more deadly after beating fellow Singaporean team, Relics, in the losers bracket. They proved this by giving Renovatio their first loss in the very first match of the best of three set. The levels were fairly evenly matched throughout. Resurgence, however, succeeded in clashes and claiming the map objective; ultimately, leading them to victory.

Renovatio game back stronger in the second match. They surprised Resurgence with a Zeratul pick towards the end of the draft which completes a line up of strong crowd control heroes. Eager to prove their staying power, Renovatio thrived in the map objectives and clashes which included a 5-man sweep late in the game. With the force of the immortal, the team devastated the core and sealing their first win in the Final stage.

The decisive third match saw tensions soar with a four ban during the draft. Renovatio got an early level lead which snowballed into a huge advantage. But Renovatio could not rest as Resurgence continued to defy them throughout. In a clash towards the end of the game, Renovatio sealed their victory by taking out Resurgence’s guns and heading straight for the core. With only their support, Tyrande, left to defend the core, Renovatio finished the game and solidified their spot on the top. The new SEA champions, Renovatio, have a long tough road ahead of them in the Spring Global Championship. With the whole region rallying behind them and their continued dedication, victory may just be within reach.

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