Nope, it’s not a new game. Sorry about that. But what we have here is an uncommon partnership involving Valve, with CAPCOM’s soon to be released Resident Evil 6 for the PC.

You see, CAPCOM has been known to crossover games, but this time around, it’s no cross over but a free – yes it’s free! DLC involving Left 4 Dead characters to be included in the PC version of Resident Evil 6’s Mercenaries mode. That includes Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle in the Mercenaries No Mercy mode, exclusively for the PC. But wait there’s more! They’ll also add some fearsome Left 4 Dead 2 enemies, such as the witch, and the mini tank.

Resident Evil x Left 4 Dead (3)

For the Left 4 Dead part, Valve is working on the Resident Evil character implementation, with the help of Valve’s own Steam Workshop. No other words of mouth available yet, but the partnership alone  had me thinking about the future of both companies. Seriously, I think we’re onto something huge here.

Resident Evil x Left 4 Dead (2)

Source: Left 4 Dead Blog, CAPCOM Unity

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