The country’s premier creative powerhouse RUMBLE ROYALE has welcomed the former championship-winning Wild Rift esports team, The 300 into their creator service program, as they search for a new esports organization to call home. The 300 is composed of the players from the former Rex Regum Qeon Wild Rift team that has dominated many international tournaments in the past including the Icons Global Championship, the Wild Circuit Asian Invitational and the Snapdragon Pro Series.

No Retreat, No Surrender

In the spirit of helping nurture and safeguard the esports and gaming scene, which is one of RUMBLE ROYALE’s core advocacies, we have risen to the task of aiding and representing The 300 as they search for an organization to acquire them following their unfortunate release last January.

RUMBLE ROYALE has enrolled The 300 and its members into the LVL99 creator incubator program, a program that helps develop and grow fledgling creators to achieve their full potential. Through LVL 99, The 300 will receive support in creating their own unique and independent branding with logo and art asset designs. In addition, LVL99 will also explore their content creation side to better spread word to and build their audience by making fun and entertaining videos with the help of RUMBLE ROYALE’s world-class production team.

At the moment, The 300 has also been welcomed into the Esports Area of RUMBLE ROYALE’s Stronghold Headquarters in Quezon City, where the squad maintains their competitive edge by regularly participating in various scrimmages, tournaments as well as other content creation endeavors using the top-class facilities of the RUMBLE ROYALE HQ. However, as serviceable our facilities are, these are temporary accommodations while we search for a better-equipped entity to give the team a more specialized space and program that these elite esports athletes deserve.

Prepare for Glory

The current lineup of the 300 includes: Charles “Chaazz” Esguerra,Eric “Exosen”Gubatan, Sean “Helios” Palisoc,Marc “Marky” Ilagan, Heri “Tatsurii” Garcia, John Paolo “V1PER” Trillo. They are joined by their Head Coach, Jon “Kaigu” Hernandez and Assistant Coach John Mark “3finger” Dualan.

Together the team has achieved great success in the international Wild Rift esports scene. Not the least of which include: Achieving First Place at the Wild Circuit Asian Invitational 2022; Achieving First Place at the SnapDragon ProSeries 2022 MSP Open Finals; Achieving First Place at the Champions Southeast Asia 2022-Philippines; and Achieving First Place at the PPGL 2021 Fall Split: Group A. The 300 have also participated in Wild Rift’s prestigious Icons Global Championship tournament where they broke out and achieved 5th place with only a few wins shy of a podium finish.

Throughout their tenure, The 300 have proven time and time again that they are champions and fierce competitors in their own right. While RUMBLE ROYALE can provide what we do best to support them, elite warriors need elite facilities and programs to truly flourish.

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