The current state of the gaming industry created the perfect hunting ground for a gamer girl on the prowl for gears and components. The opportunity to find something head turning had just been made easy courtesy of the industry’s awareness for both gender’s requirements.

That said, gone are the days girls had to hide behind their dull black keyboards and enter the days where they earn their crowns with the latest tech made specifically for them – both for performance and cosmetics. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the most shopped for gaming gears, handpicked for the queen gamers out there.


Buckle up ladies, you are about to be taken on the ride of your life. If you think you have seen all the pretty tech, well step aside boys, the girls are taking ASUS ROG PNK LTD for themselves.


This is a combo package that looks as mean as the retired marine living next door. It is hot, appealing and includes all the great gaming functionality from their normal ROG counterparts. The current ROG PNK LTD lineup consist of the following:

  • ROG Strix Flare keyboard
  • ROG Strix Fusion 300 headset
  • ROG Gladius II Origin
  • ROG Sheath desk mat

What an era to be living in, especially if you are a girl gamer. Not to be outdone by anyone in the gaming market, its best to equip yourself with the best tech for the ultimate butt kicking.

Ducky Miya Pro Sakura Mechanical Keyboard

While the Miya Pro Sakura isn’t exactly a fully fledged gaming keyboard, it is a perfectly capable for gaming. Styling on the other hand needs no introduction, as this is one of the best looking Pink and White mechanical keyboards out there.


Keycaps are made by Varmilo in Dye subbed PBT material. Suffice to say, the caps will last longer than any other ABS based keyboards. Nothing to dislike.

Razer D.Va Meka Headset

When a girl isn’t playing online games, you can catch her watching a movie in peace or listening to her favorite playlist. But what if she kicked it up a notch and brought all the boys to her yard to admire one of the hottest gaming headset on the market?

Razer D.VA MEKA Headset

The Razer D.Va Meka Headset is a faithful representation of our favorite Mech pilot from Overwatch. Outfitted with large neodymium magnet drivers, the D.Va Razer MEKA headset should provide crystal-clear audio when you’re enjoying your favorite tunes or thwarting a sneak attack on your enemies. That’s while doing any of the two, with style to boot. Check out Razer’s Pink line-up for more.

ID-Cooling Pink Flow 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler

The Pink Flow is a high performance 240mm liquid cooler, apt for the ladies who likes every bit of style with a cooling performance to match. The pump’s surface is plated in pink with a matching exclusive love logo.


Fully enclosed, the Pink Flow is designed to be a low maintenance cooler so you don’t have to change the coolant every now and then.

InWin 101 Pink Gaming Case

You’ll need something beastly to boast those coolers, and the InWin 101 Pink Gaming Case is just the thing to make your room look all the more pretty.


This bad boy (or girl) has been designed for serious gamers with the following features in tow:

  • Beautiful Mid Tower case highlighted with elegant shade of Pink
  • Simple and clean front panel with a striking LED bezel while front I/O positioned at the top
  • Two 2.5″ Hd mounts Cleverly positioned in the back of motherboard tray
  • Special GPU holder provides extra support
  • Top PSU chamber for better airflow and supports up to 6 fans

This is one beautiful case from InWin and we would like to thank them for the minimalist yet effective design fit even for the majority of gamers – regardless of gender.

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