Amidst the corona virus crisis, upstart local gaming group South.GG aims to unify households with the DOTA 2 Lockdown Tournament starting this March 28, 2020. The Lockdown tournament features a 50000 Peso prize pool with a free registration to boot. According to the organizers, anyone with a DOTA 2 capable gaming PC setup could join.

Let us prove that humanity is more contagious than this pandemic. As a community of gamers, let us show that we can influence others to stay at home and enjoy some games with friends. This is’s Lockdown tournament.

Registration is open until March 27, 2020 with an expected limit of 64 team pool. That’s about 320 players maximum mind you. Tournament formats are Best of 1 for single-eliminations, Best of 3 for the semi-finals and a Best of 5 format for the finals itself.

If you are interested to join the online tournament, you must follow the South.GG official facebook page. Interested individuals may also follow their official facebook group for tournament updates and possible teams to join forces with. Please be reminded that gamers must be able to play DOTA 2 within the allocated time schedule. #GamersStayAtHome #SouthGG

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