HKC X320 Plus Curved DIY Display Spotted At GIGABYTE Suite

HKC at GIGABYTE’s Taipei 101 Suite showcased their HKC X320 Plus DIY All In One display, featuring a curved Samsung VA panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio under an elegant frame. Being a DIY AIO solution, it features a component mount at the back, capable of holding a full system. Of course, there has to be restrictions, and that’s the space, and or required components.

HKC X320 Plus DIY AIO (2)

For example, you have to use a PIO motherboard, and in this case – the display has an included GIGABYTE GA-B85M PIO, with a side mounted PCI-E slot to accommodate a graphics card. PSU appears to be an SFX unit, and on top of it, lies the back-to-back 3.5 + 2.5 inch storage bays.

HKC X320 Plus DIY AIO (1)

The HKC X320 Plus supports graphics cards with up to 10″ length, and the included PSU has a capacity of 400W – which is more than enough for lets say, a GeForce GTX 950. Price wise, we are told that the unit will cost more than, or at around 250 USD, and we are not sure if that price includes the board and PSU. If that’s the case (no pun), then we might be looking at the world’s first mainstream curved, ultra wide AIO barebones display.

HKC X320 Plus DIY AIO (3)

HKC is looking for distributors at the SEA market. If you wish to contact them, go to THIS LINK. As usual, we would like to thank Image Media for providing us access at the GIGABYTE Suite located at Taipei 101 during COMPUTEX 2016.

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