TCL CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology), a subsidiary of TCL, showcased several groundbreaking display technologies at SID 2024, among which was a 4K panel featuring an unprecedented 1000 Hz refresh rate.

This achievement is a world first, astonishing the industry as ASUS and LG were previously leading the refresh rate competition with their releases of 540 Hz and 480 Hz monitors, respectively. TCL’s leap to 1000 Hz, especially at a 4K resolution, is remarkable considering ASUS’s 540 Hz accomplishment with the ROG Swift Pro PG248QP was only at 1080p.

tcl csot teases worlds first 4k 1000 hz monitor 1

Details about TCL CSOT’s 4K 1000 Hz gaming monitor are still scarce, but what is known is that it is a curved monitor and utilizes TCL’s proprietary P2P CSPI protocol, which supports a transmission rate of up to 6 Gbps. Additionally, it incorporates adaptive equalizer (Auto EQ) technology designed to mitigate signal attenuation during ultra-high-speed data transmission.

Despite this technological marvel, practical implementation remains a challenge. The gaming industry has yet to develop titles that can fully utilize such a high refresh rate. Fr now, this display serves more as a proof of concept rather than a market-ready product.

Looking ahead, with TCL CSOT’s 1000 Hz monitor making headlines, it is plausible that similar displays might be showcased at Computex 2024, potentially setting a new benchmark for display technology.

Source: Chiphell

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