Global memory brand TEAMGROUP announced the launch of its updated ELITE memory modules with enhanced frequencies: the ELITE PLUS DDR5 and ELITE DDR5 Desktop Memory 6400 MHz (1.1V CL52-52-52-103).

Both comply with JEDEC memory standards and fulfill the needs of demanding applications and high-performance computing.

In response to the growing demand for high-speed computing and digital technology, TEAMGROUP has introduced the upgraded ELITE PLUS DDR5 6400MHz and ELITE DDR5 6400 MHz memory modules, which boast higher frequencies and low power consumption.

teamgroup elite plus ddr5 6400 pr 2

The updated specs of the ELITE memory fully meet the needs of learning, entertainment, and more on desktop computers. With the modules’ low operating voltage of 1.1 V, power consumption is significantly reduced, and the computer’s lifespan is extended.

In addition, DDR5’s Same-Bank Refresh feature and optimized IC structure can process the double amount of data simultaneously compared to DDR4, which enables computers to operate more smoothly while multi-tasking and significantly improves operating efficiency.

The TEAMGROUP ELITE PLUS DDR5 6400 MHz and ELITE DDR5 6400 MHz will be available as single modules and in dual-channel kits with 16 GB and 32 GB options.


They will be available in August 2023 on Amazon in North America and on Taiwan’s e-commerce platforms, such as PChome, Momo, and Shopee.

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