TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, presents the HyperLock-WORM File System, a unique security feature of TOS 5 that provides the utmost data protection for very important data files to prevent tampering.

With TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM File System, data stored within the special file system can be locked within a specific period. Within this period, the data cannot be altered or deleted but can only be read. This unique file system is ideal for storage important data files such as medical cases, court case files, financial securities, company financial data, and other data files that must not be tampered with. WORM feature is based on a file system that not limited by the file service type. Thus, it is suitable for most common file services. Aside from tampering and deletion, the TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM File System also protects data from malicious attacks including ransomwares, viruses, and malwares.

Write Once Read Many

The WORM (Write Once Read Many) feature means that after the file is written, it is locked in a read-only state by removing the write permissions. In this state, the file can only be read, thus cannot be deleted, modified, or renamed.

HyperLock-WORM File System

TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system is a storage system with WORM characteristics. By applying write-once-read-many technology, the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of the original data in the storage medium are guaranteed, satisfying the stringent security needs of most enterprises with data security storage and legal supervision requirements.

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Customized Protection

TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system only can be set up by an administrator. Administrators can assign read and write permissions to users and set a protection period. Protection period can be set for up to 70 years. Once configured, protection period cannot be shortened or extended.

Higher Data Security

With TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system, even administrators cannot delete or modify files, storage partition, or system background. As long as the storage device is safe in an isolated environment, anyone without access to the NAS device(s), whether employees with administrator privileges or hackers, cannot temper data.

To learn more about the TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system, please visit the TerraMaster website.

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