Thermaltake is proud to unveil the TT100 S Bag and the TT100 M Bag offered in black, red, and grey variations, along with the TT100 Frame Pouch available in black and red.

Designed with modern style, functionality, and volume, and completely matching all Brompton folding bicycles, the TT100 series waterproof bag is ready to lead a new bicycle lifestyle. Now come new additions in compact sizes and various colors, making your urban commuting portable and personalized!

Thermaltake TT100 S Bag & M Bag

Following the release of the backpack, the TT100 Series waterproof bag now expands its range with the introduction of the TT100 S Bag and the TT100 M Bag, available in black, red, and grey. The latest additions maintain the series’ signature aerodynamic appearance, with the distinctive angled cut that minimizes the bicycle’s wind resistance, enabling smoother rides and increasing rider safety. The bags also come with appealing laser-cut with 3M reflective printing, presenting a modern urban style and enhancing night riding safety.

The TT100 S Bag and M Bag are made of 900D TPU fabric and high-frequency lamination processing, improving waterproof performance to IP44-level multi-directional splash resistance. Furthermore, the bags possess a waterproof zipper design for optimal protection of the items inside. Designed with maximum functionality, the TT100 bags incorporate a detachable bag frame, enabling installation on the Brompton bikes and the structural support of bags.

The volume of the TT100 S Bag is up to 3.2 L and is ideal for storing essentials like smartphones, wallets, and personal items. The larger TT100 M Bag offers a capacity of up to 12.96 L and features a carry handle and a removable shoulder strap for added convenience when carried off the bike. The TT100 Series waterproof bag is a fusion of modern design, functionality, and volume, substantially elevating the quality of your daily commute and cycling lifestyle.

Thermaltake TT100 Frame Pouch

The shape of the TT100 Frame Pouch perfectly fits in the triangular frame of Brompton folding bicycles, making efficient use of space. It features a large volume for storing cycling snacks, and multi-function equipment such as spare inner tubes, tire diggers, etc. Being made of Hypalon fabric with structural fabric bonding technology, the pouch provides outstanding waterproof and dirt-resistant protection.

thermaltake launches tt100 series waterproof bag 1

Additionally, its unique anti-slip printing paint can considerably prevent the bag from dropping during riding. The TT100 Frame Pouch has a stylish look and comes in black and red editions to choose from, it can establish the modern urban style with Brompton folding bicycles, and redefine your cycling experience.

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