In this age and day of advanced technology, businesses use a wide range of marketing approaches to reach out to their prospective and existing clients. Among the many digital marketing channels available, SMS marketing is one of the most effective. This is because it engages clients and prospects in real-time and in the most simplistic way possible. Let’s face it, it’s a busy world we live in, where people prefer when things are kept simple and straight to the point.

Compared to emails and phone calls, which most people are fond of ignoring or sidelining, reading a simple, well-curated text is easier and even next to “irresistible” to some people, depending on how it’s written. As a matter of fact, most people read text messages within the first 2 or so minutes after receiving them, so long as their phones are one and they get the notification. Whether you’re using it to bring in more clients, make the existing ones more loyal or promote new products/services for your business, text marketing will rarely fail you. However, you need to approach it right, just like it is with many other marketing strategies. So what makes a difference between success and a waste of resources in text marketing? You may ask. Without further ado, here are some tips on building a successful text marketing campaign.

Invest in Messaging API Solution

These days, text marketing is really diverse. From the regular Android or iPhone SMS app to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype, just to name a few, there are many text messaging applications. As an entrepreneur, you have an obligation to ensure your marketing text messages are delivered through platforms where your clients frequent most or where you’re sure to find them.

But this can get quite challenging, considering that different people have different preferences, with many people using more than one app for their text messaging needs. For a successful text marketing campaign, the pros at say that getting text marketing API is the solution to reduce your burden. Even when you need to send a bunch of marketing texts, notifications, and critical business codes to dozens or hundreds of customers every day, an API solution can make the entire process seamless. Additionally, you’re always sure that the text will reach the intended person in real-time, regardless of the app they’re using or where they are at that particular moment in time.

Keep It Short and Concise

When using text marketing, you’ll want to always go straight to the point. There’s a reason they’re called short messages. Using the 160 or so characters you have to work with, the recipient should be able to tell:

  • Why – the purpose of the message
  • What – they stand to benefit from it
  • How – they can take advantage of the offer
  • When – they’re supposed to take action to get the benefit

It’s all about keeping your communication as simple and clear as it can get, avoiding fluffy language and unnecessary fillers.

Get The Timing Right

Unlike most other marketing approaches, the best thing about text marketing is that the intended message is delivered just when you need it to be, almost always. However, you still need to time it right. Even though text marketing statistics have it, that most texts are read as soon as they’re received, you have no reason to send a promotional message to a customer or prospect at 3 am in the morning and the offer expires in just 2 hours. Unless you know for sure that the recipient is active at that moment, this can make your business come out as creepy and annoying. On the other hand, ensuring that you time your text-sending right can magnify the success of your text marketing campaign.

Offer Text-Based Loyalty Rewards

As mentioned earlier, prospects and customers will want to know what’s in it for them from just reading your marketing text. Apart from providing service and product offers, especially when promoting a new product, it’s a great idea to encourage their consent to receive text messages from your business. You can do so by providing a subscription sign-up bonuses, discounts, and offers, for instance. Such rewards can keep your target clients subscribed, thus ensuring they always read your marketing texts.

Have A List-Building Strategy

Last but not least, it’s important to give your target market a reason to opt-in to receiving your marketing texts. To do this, you may need to analyze your market and add value to your products/services as in the case above, so you can build a text marketing list. In addition to this, it pays to have your text marketing campaign information outlined on your business website, social media profile, print advertising material, and other marketing platforms to make it stronger and more effective. These other marketing platforms will also help in list building for your SMS marketing campaign.

At the end of the day, SMS marketing is made easier and more effective by selecting an effective, reputable, and easy-to-use tool. In other words, the SMS marketing service provider you choose will make or break your success in text marketing. Choose wisely and refer to the pointers above to make this effective marketing tool worth your while.

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