Transcend is a brand that is synonymous to storage, and at COMPUTEX 2016, they are doing what they do best with a few new quirks at their disposal together with the recently released SSDs, and other flash memory based products for Windows, Mac-based PCs, and mobile.

Transcend took the dashboard camera scene by storm with their DrivePRO Series. With it, the company gained a considerable amount of fans from the automotive industry, and is now one of Transcend’s key products on their portfolio.

Transcend Computex 2016 Special (1)

The DrivePRO family is not just your simple dash cam family – with every product in the series having their own appeal in the market, be it a high-end or a low-end one. The DrivePRO 220 for example,  is the middle ground between the lower and upper market segment, and is actually one of the best within Transcend’s DrivePRO series.

Transcend Computex 2016 Special (2)

Joining the series is the DrivePRO 50, with its budget yet still capable approach featuring smartphone connectivity, the famed Transcend Emergency Recording capability, and an included high endurance 16GB MicroSD card. The only downside is the lack of an LCD viewport.

Transcend Computex 2016 Special (3)

Transcend also showcased their DrivePRO Body, which is their dash cam equivalent for the daily commuter. There are four SKUs on this series with 3 body cameras and one charging accessory. All of them have proper weather sealing, and are built to stand the test of time. Word is that these body cameras are already being used at Davao by the police force to record their activities, and the local Philippine government is actually eyeing the use of it on a nationwide scale. Cool, huh.

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