With the threat of cybercrime being ever-present, Trend Micro Philippines exists to address the knowledge gap and educate organizations and individuals on the complexities of cybersecurity.

In line with the company motto, #EngineeredToDoGood, the company commits to equipping citizens against cybersecurity threats through various initiatives.

Malware Analysis Certification Program for the Cyber Battalion

On a national level, cyber threats have been largely observed to target the military, while still posing a hazard to the economy, government, and businesses in the Philippines. Consequently, it is important that the cybersecurity division of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is equipped to handle these kinds of risks.

To address this, Trend Micro partnered with the Cyber Battalion, Army Signal Regiment (ASR), Philippine Army (PA) to conduct a 5-day Advanced Malware Analysis certification program. In the program, 17 personnel from the Cyber Battalion, two from the Network Enterprise Technology Battalion, and one from the Department of National Defense were immersed in activities focused on concepts related to extended detection and response. The program’s topics were specifically curated to address the most urgent needs of cybercrime victims nationwide and equipped the participants with the necessary tools to further strengthen the country’s cyber defense systems.

Faculty and university partnerships

Besides the government and non-government organizations Trend Micro works with on a regular basis, the company is also no stranger to partnering with educational institutions and has proven its commitment to its advocacy time and time again. The company has shown that a way to generate innovations and future leaders in and for cybersecurity is by directly connecting with the next generation of cyber fighters.

Earlier this year, Trend Micro provided an office tour and career talk to students of Saint Louis University with “Trenders” sharing their passion for cybersecurity and how innovative solutions are making a great impact today. Additionally, the company held a six-week immersive program dedicated to training university faculty and deepening their understanding of cybersecurity. In the program, educators from National University Philippines, PHINMA-Saint Jude College Manila, Saint Louis University, Technological University of the Philippines, and University of Santo Tomas participated in a variety of lectures, workshops, and application exercises.


Trend Micro has always committed to making cybersecurity education accessible to others and continuously provides platforms for both students and practitioners in the industry to exchange ideas and share experiences. This dedication makes itself more known as Trend Micro’s annual free-for-all cybersecurity conference makes its face-to-face comeback this November.

Trend Micro DECODE 2023 PR

In its 7th year, DECODE 2023: Resilience Rising aims to equip participants with the latest in industry tools and processes to protect themselves against the current threat landscape. The free conference will feature 24 different track sessions throughout the event, with keynote and panel speakers from the FBI, Interpol, and local law enforcement agencies. Sessions will cover an array of topics spanning from security threats and data privacy to generative AI. With the discussions and activities Trend Micro has in store for DECODE 2023, participants are sure to take home newfound knowledge and a wider network of peers within the cybersecurity industry.

Trend Micro Philippines has much to offer on the grounds of empowering and connecting cybersecurity professionals. To learn more about rising trends and the latest in industry practices, register now to be a part of DECODE 2023: Resilience Rising at www.decodeph.com.

DECODE 2023: Resilience Rising will be held on November 14, 2023, at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

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