If you have been on social media long enough, you may have come across a blue bird app before. Any ideas? Yes, we are talking about Twitter. Different people come to Twitter for different reasons considering the broad range of information on the app from inspirational quotes to exercise and financial advice. Some people come to laugh and others, for more serious conversations. The only guarantee is that many people and businesses have a specific benefit or benefits that they enjoy by engaging Twitter.

Enjoying these benefits comes with an understanding of how the platform works but this is not always obvious to all. There are rules of engagement on Twitter as there are on many other social media platforms. Knowing what they are will make the Twitter experience more valuable. Especially if you’re trying to establish your personal or brand’s name on this network, using all available tools, including the possibility to make things work faster and buy Twitter followers. Some of the tips that increase Twitter success are here.

Take advantage of influencers

Like all high schools, there was always a popular or group of popular kids. These usually included the jocks, pretty girls and rich kids. They were the envy of most students as everybody wanted to be like them. Twitter has its own group of popular kids and these are the influencers. Not all influencers carry the same weight in how far they can take your brand reach so businesses need to consider carefully which influencer to engage. Twitanalyzer.com and Cotweet help brands find influencers that are relevant t their brand and target audience. There are also growth services for organic growth, such as Twesocial, which when used in combination with the above-mentioned services means increased, rapid growth. With a list of influencers, brands can watch and interact with the influencer which could help create some visibility for them due to the large following of these influencers.


The primary goal of social media was to connect. We join these networks to connect with friends, family, brands and even, strangers. While it is reasonable to expect brands to be focused on pusihing information about their offerings, it is also important that they remember the core purpose of social media. Brands need to engage their customers through comments, responding to queries quickly in their inboxes, asking questions and conducting polls. These allow the business and customer to engage on a more personal level which adds to the human aspect of a business. People do not want to do business with businesses but the humans behind the businesses.

Tweet consistently

Not all user are available on Twitter which is reasonable to assume because they all have different schedules and uses for the apps. Those that use it for entertainment are more likely to be more engaged on the app than those who use it for specific purposes such as news updates. Posting valuable content is not enough so it must be combined with the right timing. But how does a business tell the right timing? By experimenting. Often, it is even better to post through the day to have as much reach as possible. Consistently active accounts that engage the users are the ones that stand out and are more likely to attract more following. Posting consistently shows that the brand is alive, active and available to attend to its customers.

Use the best hashtags

Hashtags are another helpful feature that brands can use on Twitter. Branded hashtags help increase brand visibility to the Twitter audience without even including the Twitter handle. They also help track specific campaigns such as with Netflix’s original content which has branded hashtags that track conversations about their latest and new shows. Since Twitter information is in real time which makes it vast, hashtags make it easy to find specific information like a needle in a haystack. Combine this with analytics and you can understand the reach and impressions of your brand’s tweets, and it is definitely something you should try for more Twitter followers.


Twitter can be a great tool for businesses that understand the features it provides and are ready to use the them appropriately to reach their audience. Using influencers, engaging users, tweeting consistently and using hashtags can all come in handy in reaching customers on Twitter. Combining these with great content including texts, pictures and videos can make a brand stand out from the crowd. Although with all said and done, Twitter is a social media app which means engagement will always go the longest way in attracting customers to a brand because people are more comfortable buying from people than businesses.

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